The passion and the love for the land forms the foundation
of our country’s agricultural legacy.
Making the most of the land, yesterday,
today and for generations to come.
We are proud to connect farmers to their land,
helping provide the finest produce and fibre to the world.
Our farmers and station owners produce some of the finest food and fibre in the world. Whatever you produce, everyone at John Deere is committed to helping you make the most of your operation. That’s why we share The Colours of Your Land; a collection of short videos that capture the essence of what it means to be a farmer - true grit, family and doing what you love.

Neville and Peter Gett

Like his 82 year old dad, Neville, Peter Gett from Apsley, Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia, has been working on the land since he was old enough to swing a tomahawk. Together as a father and son partnership, over the decades they’ve produced a proud and successful farming legacy.

Bruce and Boston Kirkby

Bruce Kirkby of Koiwon, Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia runs a controlled traffic operation rotating with wheat, cotton, fava beans and canola. His father handed the John Deere tradition to him, and he intends to hand it to his son, Boston, when the time is right.

Leo Donkers

Leo Donkers is a proud New Zealand farmer operating seasonal supply dairy farms. Famring using an intensive pastoral system Leo relies heavily on irrigation and reliable machinery to be able to supply the animals with quality feed. Environmental sustainability is key to the culture of this New Zealand farming legacy.

James and Phil O’Regan

Meet the O'Regan brothers of Koyuga, Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia. They grow durum wheat, cotton, chickpeas, fava beans and sunflowers. Their great grandfather founded the farm over 100 years ago, and today they appreciate the fact that they have so much good dirt!

Matt Hood

Farming in the salad bowl of Queensland, Matt Hood is a proud vegetable farmer. Growing a variety of vegetables, Rugby Farm are required to plant and harvest every day to ensure their produce is the best quality possible. Dedication and a love for the land has proved successful for this family farming legacy established over 100 years ago.