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Yuna, Western AustraliaBrett & Kirrilee

Harvester in field
Brett & Kirrilee

“At the end of each harvest, we crunch the numbers and are able to see what worked and what was a waste of our time.”

Brett and Kirrilee Warr have learnt to take tough challenges in their stride.

Just this year the couple, who run Agnire Farming in the northern region of Western Australia’s grainbelt, endured a once-in-a-lifetime storm that hit right after they had finalised their wheat and lupin planting program.

As time was of the essence, they bit the bullet and made the call to resow about 20% of their 8000 ha farm.

Now, using their fleet of John Deere equipment and the MyJohnDeere platform, they plan to crunch the numbers and see if their re-sowing tactic granted solid yields this harvest.

The use of cutting-edge John Deere technology, in conjunction with historical data, has provided the Warrs greater visibility and insights in order to make the best possible decision for managing their operations and continue on their journey for long-term sustainability.

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8,000 ha Farm
3,500 ha Wheat
500 ha Barley
1,750 ha Lupins
1,450 ha Canola
1,800 Merino Ewes



“With the data we have on hand, we can allocate our resources to the highest yielding areas and save costs on the spots where more fertiliser won’t make a difference. It allows us to get more bang for our buck,” Robin said.

Bulla Burra Farms’ unique ownership model was created when long-time friends John Gladigau and Robin Schaefer combined their individual enterprises 11 years ago, to capture greater economies of scale without losing the heart and soul of a family business. That strategic move has since underwritten the success of Bulla Burra which is now sprawled across 10,000 ha of red, sandy soils outside Loxton, South Australia.

At the time of the merger an independent chairman was brought in to oversee the board and to ensure robust decision-making, while investment was made in new state-of-the-art John Deere machinery and technology to enhance on-farm production and efficiency through precision agriculture.


11,000 ha Farm
2900 ha Wheat
3,200 ha Barley
200 ha Oats
900 ha Chickpeas
460 ha Field Peas
180 ha Lentils
532 ha Lupins
100 ha Vetch

Jamestown, South AustraliaScott Clark

Scott Clark
Scott Clark

“We are not a massive farm for our area, only mid-sized really, so we have to work to make sure every post is a winner.”

South Australian grain grower, Scott Clark, uses a powerful combination of both looking forward and looking back to make tough but fruitful on-farm decisions.

“As a season is progressing, we like to look at really strong data, including our predicted potential yield, and how it compares to the data we had at the same time in previous years,” explains Scott, who farms 1680 ha near Jamestown in partnership with his brother, Luke.

Data is collated through a combination of weather stations and moisture probes, before being integrated with comprehensive historical farm records and real-time information sourced from John Deere equipment.

This data will guide the Clarks through the 2020 season which, after seeding in late May, is off to a strong start following a three-year dry spell from 2017, and severe frost last year.


1680 ha Farm
200 ha Barley
300 ha Canola
500 ha Wheat
300 ha Beans
900 Sheep

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