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There are two ways to get data from the display to your account, automatically or manually. Select your preferred method below to find out how.

To transfer data automatically to your account you’ll need JDLink™ Connect on your machine. The benefits of JDLink Connect include:

Make decisions faster - with near real time automatic data transfer
Reduce the risk of losing data - automatic data transfers occur every 30 seconds
Remote view of your machine display in real time from your phone, tablet or laptop
Remote monitoring of machine location, hours, fuel levels and much more

Automatic data transfer using JDLink Connect is easy to set up. Check out our video below on how to setup and automatically send your data from your equipment to the John Deere Operations Center™.

How to set up and review Data Sync on your equipment

Talk to your dealer about how you can connect your equipment with JDLink today.

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You can manually transfer data to your account from most John Deere displays and some competitor displays using these methods:

How to transfer data using the MyTransfer™ app
How to transfer data using a WiFi connection
How to transfer data using USB & Data Manager

Now that you have everything in place for data to flow from your equipment to your Operations Center account, here’s how you can view your data.

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