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Our Commitment to Ownership & Repair

Our customers need reliable equipment and minimal down time. We're here to help.

For decades, John Deere has supported customers' ability to maintain, diagnose, and repair their equipment. John Deere leads the industry in providing detailed product information, software solutions and parts needed for owners to keep their machines running.

When customers buy from John Deere, they own the equipment and can choose to personally maintain or repair the product. When our customers need help, we have a network of highly trained technicians nationwide to assist, either in person, onsite, or remotely.

We take the health and safety of our customers and the environment seriously. That's why we engineer our equipment to the highest technical and environmental standards, using advanced software that makes every user more productive. We do not support altering our machines from their engineering standards, which can pose a risk to not just the current owner and their employees, but other equipment operators, future owners, John Deere dealers, and the environment.

Our success comes only when our customers leap forward. For additional questions on our ownership and repair resources, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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Health and Safety

Safe Repairs are Smart Repairs

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Environment and Sustainability

Maintain Your Equipment to Protect the Environment


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