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Competitive Comparison

Therma-Gard™ high-performance antifreeze/coolant is designed to meet heavy-duty engine requirements, including those that may run hotter with cooled exhaust gas recirculation. It is recommended for use in all John Deere engines.

What could happen if you don't use John Deere Therma-Gard?
Using a low-quality, “bargain” product in your John Deere equipment is risky. Some of the problems that can occur from using lower-grade or automotive-type antifreeze include scale formation, metal corrosion, and cavitation affecting liners and water pump impellers.

Therma-Gard is designed to discourage the formation of deposits and scale build up for surfaces that are cleaner and more efficient. Other coolants can leave harmful deposits which can restrict flow and effective heat dissipation.

This data shows test results depicting Thermal Oxidative Stability reported as the amount of metal loss in mg for the indicated metals comparing Therma-Gard to popular coolant technologies.

Thermal Oxidative Stability Comparison
Metal Product Test Results (weight changes in mg / metal)
  Therma-Gard™ Universal Long Life Automotive
Copper 28 269 205 240
Solder 5 24 32 26
Brass 17 68 123 151
Steel 6 86 29 173
Cast Iron 5 386 160 361
Aluminum 0 371 342 34

Therma-Gard provides superior thermal oxidative stability. It protects your system and it can be used in all liquid cooled engines. Lower numbers indicate more protection was provided by the coolant.

John Deere also conducts extensive field tests. The following pictures clearly show that John Deere Therma-Gard out performs its competitors. The pictures also show the results of what happens when only water is used in a cooling system.

Competitive Comparison

After 1,500 hours of operation, the liner from the engine protected by John Deere Therma-Gard showed no damage. The liners protected by competitive coolants, or by water only, showed extensive pitting and corrosion.

Features of John Deere Therma-Gard

  • Extends service intervals as much as 20 percent
  • 6-year/6,000-hour service life
  • Meets cooling demands of advanced engine technology
  • Provides superior performance in all liquid cooling systems
  • Compatible with all John Deere engines
  • Protects against corrosion deposits
  • Nitrite-free
  • Contains bittering agent to help discourage accidental ingestion