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X500 Select Series™

X500 Select Series

X500 Select Series

The perfect solution for homeowners with landscape features and challenging terrain.

Series Highlights

Seat Seat
Open-back 38 cm (15 in.) (X580) and 53 cm (21 in.) (X590) high-back seat allows for air circulation to keep the operator’s back cool and dry.
Headlights Headlights
Headlights are designed to provide an optimum lighting pattern for mowing when light conditions are limited.

Twin Touch Pedals Twin Touch™ Pedals
Hydrostatic Twin Touch pedals allow the operator to easily control the direction and speed of travel of the ride-on mower without having to lift their foot off the platform.
V-Twin Engines V-Twin Engines
X500 Series models are powered by iTorque™ Power Systems - a combination of engine features and exclusive hood design that provides superior lugging ability, even cooling, and durability.

Wheels turned to show 4-wheel Steer 4-wheel Steer
All four wheels turn, greatly reducing the need to back up when trimming around tight areas such as trees or curved landscaping. Selected models only.
Edge Xtra Deck Edge Xtra Deck
Available in 122 cm (48 in.) and 137 cm (54 in.) widths. Formed from a single sheet of steel with a rolled lip for extra strength, they are designed for superior airflow to deliver excellent mowing performance.

Mower Deck Height Adjustment dial Mower Deck Height Adjustment
Quickly and easily adjust the mower deck height of cut in
0.6 cm (1/4 in.) increments with the rotary dial knob.
Fuel Gauge Fuel Gauge
Convenient fuel gauge on the dash shows the quantity of fuel in the tank.

Traction Assist Pedals Traction Assist Pedals
Foot-operated traction-assist control supplies positive power to both drive wheels for increased traction.
Steering Wheel Tilt Steer
5 steering wheel positions allow the operator to select the most comfortable setting (selected X500 Series models).

12-volt outlet 12-volt Outlet
12-volt outlet is standard equipment and provides a convenient plug-in for electrical equipment.
Fender Handles Fender Handles
Located on both the right and left side, fenders make getting on and off the ride-on mower easier.

Close up image of the mower deck moving through grass

The Key to a Great-Looking Property

Four decks to give you the performance, cut quality, and grass handling options you want and expect.

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    Our Promise

    We offer comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper warranties on all of our ride-on mowers.

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