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Won't back down. Or let you down.

Backed by over a half-century of experience in the woods; and designed with proven components to withstand the toughest environments. Our new L-Series Skidders are our most reliable and productive ever – redefining your expectations of what a skidder can accomplish for your logging operation.

  • Follow the link to learn more about cable skidders

    Cable Skidders

    John Deere cable skidders have what it takes to get the wood out more productively and more reliably.

    • Follow the link to learn more about grapple skidders

      Grapple Skidders

      You're always kicking it into high gear — why not choose a grapple skidder that will do it for you?


      Built for the Long Haul

      Longer engine life
      The new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) enables a constant engine speed, reducing engine wear while ensuring excellent fluid economy. Proven components, simplified electronics, and internally routed hoses further bolster durability.
      Watch the video to learn more about CVT
      Low total fluid consumption
      John Deere FT4 engines maintain engine performance while minimizing total fluid consumption – diesel fuel plus diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The exceptionally low DEF consumption rate reduces the need for DEF by four to six times compared to some other FT4 systems.


      Increased power and stability
      L-Series machines combine best-in-class horsepower and an impressive power-to-weight ratio with a constant engine speed – for superb responsiveness and maximum efficiency. Better machine balance optimizes power, while improving stability when climbing hills, navigating adverse terrain, or hauling bigger payloads.


      Effortless operation
      Armrest-mounted electrohydraulic controls provide fingertip control of all machine functions and turn with you when you use the optional rotating seat. Optional joystick steering is smooth and responsive, providing intuitive, low-effort control of steering, direction, and ground speed.


      Work faster with TimberNavi
      Get a clearer picture of your operations with the optional new TimberNavi. This easy-to-use GPS mapping technology provides locations of site features, such as streams, roads, and electricity lines on a rugged color touchscreen display, enabling operators to work with confidence. Precise knowledge of machine position relative to cut-block boundaries will help you maximize efficiency, so you can move more wood to the landing at less cost.


      "Deere is totally open to any opinion. 'How can we make it better?' is their mantra. And they've really applied our suggestions to these new machines. That's what you want in a company. It makes a huge difference."
      Oz Thorndike testimonial- Oz Thorndike, CAG member,Maine-ly Trees, Strong, Maine