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5M Series (Euro Spec)


M – as in Made by a premium brand

The 5M Series Tractors offer more choices than ever before. Choose between extra-large comfort cab or open station. There’s even a low roof version ideal for your shed.


It’s not just versatility that our customers expect from a 5M tractor, but also strength. Heavy ploughing work is as much on the agenda for this machine as is the use of power-hungry PTO-shaft-driven implements.


New sloping hood - Great front visibility

To make your daily work easier, we've optimised the hood of the 5M (MY17), reducing its height by 7 cm at the front. This results in an almost 2 m shorter vision line, giving you a better view of your mounted implements or front loader.


The different gearbox options for the 5M tractors, from 16/16 SyncReverser™ to 32/16 PowrReverser™ PLUS, are designed to be consistent with the engines’ performance and longevity. The PowrReverser™ modulation control lets you precisely adjust the direction change to match the job – faster shuttling for headland turns or smooth and gentle direction changes with a loader. Vegetable fields? In that case the creeper gear option makes it easy for you to work at speeds of just 300 m/h. An integrated parking lock mechanism comes as standard, securely locking the tractor in position and offering more safety.


5M Series Tractors



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