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Speciality Tractors

Tailored to fit every type of speciality farming

Tailored to fit every type of speciality farming

John Deere specialty tractors have been designed for vineyard, orchard, vegetable, high row bed, low-clearance buildings, airports, and hundreds of other specialty-type applications You want power, dependability and durability? It’s too easy when you choose John Deere.



A Wide Range of Uses

You can expect optimal performance in hundreds of specialty applications. Want some examples?
  • Vineyards, orchards and vegetable farms
  • High row bed configurations
  • Low-clearance buildings or crops
  • Airport pushback operations


5GN Series - Narrow Compact and easy to handle, the 5GN Series are especially suited for vineyards and orchards – sized for narrow widths. For even more flexibility, choose between a climate controlled cab or an open operator station to suit your environment.


5GV Series – Super-Narrow

If you need a high-powered no-compromise tractor that can snake through narrow rows or other cramped spaces, the 5GV Series are the perfect choice. Improved ergonomics, super-narrow design and the renowned qualities of a John Deere tractor make it the perfect match for your narrow vineyard.


5GF Series – Wider Row Widths

The 5GF Series are the perfect all-rounder for wide vineyards and orchards. Flexible transmission options enable you to match perfectly the intended application. The extra wide cab also gives you more room to work.


5GL Series – Low Profile

Compact and manoeuvrable, the 5GL Series offer all the performance you need. Designed to work easily between low orchards, pergola vineyards and low-hanging crops, the low profile of the 5GL is the ideal choice for height-restricted conditions.



This hi-crop tractor gives you over 594 mm of front axle space, so you can handle everything from broccoli to strawberries. Contact your local dealer to find the right specialty tractor to fit your application.


Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.