ZTrak mowing grass

A wide range of equipment and specialist support for Australian Schools

No matter the size of your school, John Deere has a broad range of equipment designed for your maintenance needs. And, as an ASCA member, your local John Deere dealer will work with you to find the best equipment solution for your school at the best rate.

X754 Signature Series Ride-on Mower

Ride-on Mowers

John Deere has a ride-on mower to suit your needs including the 100 Series, S240 Sport, Select Series range and the Signature Series range.

Z540R Residential Zero-Turn Mower

Residential ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mowers

The range of Residential ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers are both comfortable and efficient providing a high-quality cut.

Z930M ZTrak Zero-Turn Mower

ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers

A wide-range of commercial zero-turn models are available, all designed for productivity, functionality, efficiency and performance.

1585 TerrainCut Front Mower

Front Mowers

Designed for commercial applications, John Deere's front mowers are both efficient and comfortable, making a full day's work easier.

4044R Compact Utility Tractor

Compact Utility Tractors

Powerful and versatile; compact utility tractors are the right choice and suitable for a variety of uses.

HPX615E Gator Utility Vehicle

Gator™ Utility Vehicles

For the ultimate in work capability including towing, transporting and landscaping tasks.

260SL PrecisionCut Walk Greens Mower

Walk-Greens Mowers

A gentle, precise cut for a pristine cricket pitch that everyone will appreciate.