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Applied Science: Because theory doesn't protect your crops.

Innovative sprayer enhancements put to work to maximise your yield and deliver Performance That Pays.

Self-Propelled Sprayers Product Lineup

ModelEngine hpSolution CapacityBoom WidthBoom SectionsSpray SpeedTransport Speed

129 kW (173 hp)

2,300 L

18 - 24 m


Up to 32.2 km/h

Up to 43.5 km/h

209 kW (280 hp)

3,000 L

27 - 36 m

7, 9, 11

Up to 32 km/h

Up to 48 km/h

231 kW (310 hp)

3,800 L

27 - 36 m

7, 9, 11

Up to 40 km/h

Up to 56 km/h

258 kW (346 hp)

4,500 L

27 - 36 m

7, 9, 11

Up to 40 km/h

Up to 56 km/h

176 kW (240 hp)

4,000 L

24 - 36 m

Double Folded

Up to 30 km/h

Up to 40 km/h

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Time isn’t the only thing you’ll be saving with a new 4-Series Self-Propelled Sprayer.

The class leading 36 m and 40 m wide carbon fibre booms are 39% and 35% lighter,† helping increase yield potential by reducing crop damage and soil compaction. Better still, the ExactApply™ intelligent nozzle control system ensures consistent droplet size and spray pattern at much higher speeds, reducing overlaps and giving you the right application, in the right spot, at the right time. Every time.

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The Answer to Row Rage

New AutoTrac™ Vision for early crops. New AutoTrac™ RowSense™ for late-stage corn. Both help your sprayer stay on course without taking out crops or wearing out operators.

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What is Technozzlegy™?

John Deere is redefining sprayer performance and accuracy. A concept so advanced, we're calling it Technozzlegy, the next generation in a long line of John Deere nozzles, pumps and accessories.