Cotton picker and stripper in cotton field

Cotton Harvesters

It's your machine. We just built it.

When we set out to build the newest versions of our revolutionary cotton harvesters, we went to the experts…cotton growers from across the country.

And what we heard was that you need a faster, more cost-efficient harvest. So we started with a clean sheet of paper and ended up with two of the most impressive machines available to cotton producers today.


CP770 Cotton Picker

  • 13.6 L, 555 HP engine
  • Up to 32.2 km/h transport speed
  • 7.4 km/h sync speed
  • up to 20% greater fuel efficiency1
  • 8% reduction in wrap and hauling costs1

CS770 Cotton Stripper

  • 13.6 L, 515 HP engine
  • Up to 32.2 km/h transport speed
  • Available 8- and 12- row heads
  • 15% greater fuel efficiency1
  • 12% reduction in wrap and hauling costs1

Everything you want. And more.

Sure, we built new row units, a new power plant, we redesigned the module building and handling system, and a lot more. But the bottom line is the bottom line, and these machines deliver serious harvest-time cost savings1.

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Cotton Module Building and Handling

Image of a cotton bale being wrapped

Save up to 12% on Wrap and Hauling

To help maximise cost efficiency, we redesigned the round module builder as well as the wrapping and handling system; both the CP770 and CS770 now pack more cotton into each module, reducing the cost of module wrap and module hauling.

Engines and Hydraulic Power

Image of Engine

Efficient, Quiet, Usable Power

At the heart of the C770 Series is the John Deere 13.6 L PowerTech™ engine, tuned to deliver the power you need, when you need it, with less fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and higher transport speed.1

Cotton Picker Row Units

Man looking over cotton field

Pick Another 1.8 Hectares per Day

You know better than anyone…the longer cotton stays in the field after defoliation, the more the lint quality degrades. So to help you get out of the field faster, we updated our proven row units to give them the speed you need.1

Cotton Stripper Headers

Image of a cotton harvester driving down a country road

More Hectares with Less Hassle

Stripper-cotton producers…if you'd like to harvest more hectares per day, we have your answer: the new SH12F Folding Stripper Header. We put major productivity and transportability into an easy-folding header, then redesigned the header attachment system for quicker, easier hookup.

Comfort and Convenience

Image of the interior of the cab

30% Larger Cab

From the shock-absorbing ActiveSeat™ II to the hard-driving sound system, we have the standard and available features you need to build the harvest-time office of your dreams. We'll start with a cab that not only has 30% more space than the previous harvesters, but also features familiar, automotive styling, heat-to-feet HVAC ducts, a display that swivels with the seat, and plenty of USB ports for your devices.


Image of the cab of a cotton harvester

The most complete tech package available.

Your guidance, mapping, tracing, data-sharing, and remote-diagnostic capability begins with the integrated Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™ Display and StarFire™ 7000 Receiver; from there, our standard technology products and applications help you, your consultants, and your ginners make informed decisions that maximise productivity and profitability.

Maintenance & Reliability

Our equipment is supported by one of the most responsive dealer networks in the business.

John Deere Connected Support™

John Deere Connected Support™

Cotton Harvesters come with built-in technology to sense potential issues and alert you - or your dealer - when there's a concern. With Connected Support, you get Remote Display Access and Expert Alerts. You can monitor machine fuel levels, location history, receive alerts and view the in-cab display remotely.



Keep your cotton harvesters in tip-top condition with comprehensive inspections. The best-trained technicians in the industry will replace worn parts and tune up other key areas.

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1Internal John Deere comparisons between CP770 and CP690, and between CS770 and CS690. Individual results may vary.

2Internal John Deere comparisons between CP770 & CP690, and between CS770 and CS690 equipped with FT4 engine. Individual results may vary.