Revolutionising the cotton industry, John Deere cotton harvesters offer no-stop unloading, increased productivity and reduced labour costs.  The John Deere Cotton Harvesting solution perfectly forms and wraps modules that keeps the cotton dry and minimises loss from the field to the gin.

Coton HID
CP 690 Photo

CP690 Cotton Picker

Experience improved non-stop round module cotton harvesting with 7 km/h row unit sync-speed powered by a 13.5 L Tier 2 Engine with 440 kW peak engine power. Our next generation ProDrive™ Automatic-Shift Transmission with anti-slip regulation provides superior front-to-rear traction stability.

CS690 Photo

CS690 Cotton Stripper

Our non-stop round module cotton harvesting solution is powered by the eco-friendly 13.5 L PowerTech PSS Tier 4 engine that delivers 395 kW peak engine power. The ProDrive™ transmission along with with full-time 4WD and greater traction control gives you improved harvest speed flexibility.