High-Horsepower 9RX Tractors

Powerful Possibilities

Get more done with up to 830 rated horsepower. These high horsepower tractors seed with twice the cart load up hills and go 1.6 km/h faster while doing it1. Till at the optimal speed, disking 40.6 more hectares (100 more acres) per day2 and pull wider implements, saving 1,000 ripper passes per year3. Run in confidence at high speeds with improved visibility, a quiet ride and precision ag technology in the high-horsepower 9RX Tractors.  

9RX 830 High HP Tractor pulling air seeder in field

Power & Productivity

Seed with twice the cart load in the hills and go 1.6 km/h faster while doing it1. This lets you reduce the number of times you need to fill up your cart each day.

G5 Plus display in 9RX 830

Precision Ag Technology

Precision ag technologies make these models the smartest John Deere tractors you can buy. Learn more about the benefits of G5Plus display with the G5 Advanced Package, and the integrated StarFire™ 7500 receiver.  

View from cab of 9RX 830

Operator In-Cab Experience

You’ll have the confidence to run at high speeds in the comfortable cab with a new cab suspension giving you the best ride experience in a 9 Series Tractor4. See what it’s like in the cab of these 9RX models in the 360-degree video below.

See these 9RXs in action with a 360-degree view

The high-horsepower 9RX models provide more power but also a comfortable cab with great visibility.

Check out this video and move your mouse to get a 360-degree view of these tractors - inside and out.

Tour the new 9RX Models Inside and Out

Check out more features below of the new 9RX models, from the seat or walk around the tractor.

You can also learn more about the new C Series Air Carts by selecting that option.

Man entering cab of 9RX 830 with folded tillage tool

Start Your Day Sooner

Get to the field sooner so you can get to work earlier by finishing your daily checks faster and easier. 

1Comparing a 9RX 640 with a N560F and a C850 cart filled half way vs a 9RX 830 with a N560F and a C850T cart filled all the way up both maxed out on power and ran in Auto Mode. The hills ranged from 8 degrees to 12 degrees in slope.

2Claim based on internal field test data comparing a 40' 2680H at 19.2 km/h on a 9RX 640 to a 45' 2680H at 21.6 km/h on a 9RX 830 both at max power for 8 hours a day at 4" deep in corn stalks.

3Calculation assumes going from a 11 shank 2730 to a 13 shank 2730 over 4500 acres with 1 machine.

4Based on internal testing.