Utility Tractors

1 Family Compact Utility Tractors

The Value-Spec 23 horsepower 1023E meets all of the basic needs around your property. Or choose the 1025R for a premium, comfortable workhorse for your small acreage.

2 Family Compact Utility Tractors

Ranging from 24 to 36 horsepower, these comfortable compact tractors feature a drive-over mower deck, foldable ROPs and standard four-wheel drive.

3 Family Compact Utility Tractors

The 36 horsepower value-spec 3038E tractors are ready to tackle jobs. The 3R Series is where premium meets capability.

4 Family Compact Utility Tractors

The 4105 is built for hard work: loading, mowing and landscaping. The mid-spec 4M Series are available in 49 and 66 horsepower models, as are the premium 4R series.

5 Family Utility Tractors

With models ranging from the value-spec 5E Series (55 to 93 hp), to the mid-spec 5M Series (85 to 115 hp) and the premium 5R Series (90 to 125 hp), these tractors are built to get the job done.

6 Family Utility Tractors

With horsepower ranging from 105 to 135, these tractors are built to get the tougher jobs done. 

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Tractor Versatility

Text on a metal background that says "6-Year Powertrain Warranty Now standard on all compact utility tractors"

Now standard on all Compact Utility Tractors

There’s no better time to get your own John Deere Compact Utility Tractor — now with 6-year Powertrain Warranty. Find the model that’s right for you using the links below.

Attachments & Implements

A wide variety of attachments and implements can you help you get your work done.

Parts, Service & Support

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Need help with annual maintenance? Do it yourself with step-by-step guides for your Compact Utility Tractor.

Maintenance Made Easy

Pick up a Filter Pak today and make routine maintenance a lot easier. Most kits contain an oil filter, primary air filter, primary fuel filter, and a hydraulic filter.