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Add touch-screen displays and a satellite receiver to make for a faster, easier workday.
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Collect valuable information quickly and easily, so you can analyse it to make better decisions, or share it with your trusted advisors.
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Start with the Basics


Choose from several easy to use touch-screen displays. More than just A-B lines, you’ll improve application rates, fuel economy and input placement. With some models, you can also get remote support and wirelessly send files.

Touch-screen displaying information.

We have several display options to choose from. See which is best for your needs

ModelScreen sizeTouch screenCommand Arm DisplayVideo camera supportRemote Display AccessWireless Data Transfer

264 mm (10.4-in.)


213 mm (8.4-in.)


264 mm (10.4-in.)


213 mm (8.4-in.)


StarFire 6000 receiver with latest navigation system.


The StarFire 6000 Receiver
You can choose the accuracy you need, ranging from plus-or-minus 15 cm (good enough for many broad acre applications) down to 2.5 cm accuracy with RTK.

Signal Accuracy
Using our own StarFire network we can provide you with a reliable, accurate, and repeatable signal customised to your needs, delivering the accuracy and control you demand. Developed in 1998, the StarFire network was the world’s first Global Satellite-Based Augmentation System (GSBAS) capable of decimeter real-time accuracy.

Choose the level of accuracy that’s right for you.

Choose the level of accuracy that’s right for you.

ModelHorizontal pass-to-pass accuracyPull-in timeRepeatabilityDelivery methodActivations/ Subscriptions requiredAdditional hardware required

+/- 15 cm

~ 10 min





+/- 3 cm

< 30 min

+/- 3 cm in-season repeatability 


SF3 ready activation/SF3 subscription


+/- 2.5 cm

<1 min

+/- 2.5 cm long term


SF3 ready activation,

RTK ready activation,

and RTK subscription

RTK Radio

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Operations center icon

Operations Center

Use the Operations Center to collect all this valuable information quickly and easily, so you can analyse it to make better decisions, or share it with your trusted advisors.

Learn More About Operations Center
Icon for real-time tracking and management of farming equipment.


Now, you can manage your operation in real-time without being in the cab. Or, take your operation to the next level of productivity and efficiency without leaving the office.

Learn More About JDLink
Mobile apps icon used for precision ag equipment.

Mobile apps

Get more out of your equipment, your business and your day with apps designed to help you increase the performance and productivity of your equipment.

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Hand scrolling data on touch-screen display.

View Data Management

Improve application rates, fuel economy, input placement, and land stewardship with John Deere displays and StarFire™ receivers.

Man holding phone with remote management technology.

View Remote Management

See how your machines are performing and how jobs are progressing, anytime or anywhere.

AutoTrac hands-free guidance installed on precision agriculture equipment.

View Guidance

AutoTrac hands-free guidance pays for itself in 2 years. Then it’s all profit.

Variable rate controller on agriculture equipment.

View Variable Rate Application

When you put down seed and chemical where you need it most, you’ll save seed and chemical (and money).

Farmers checking crop quality and soil moisture.

View Field and Water Management

Whether it's water or soil, your resources are precious. Make the most of them with automated water and field management. Whether it's reducing irrigation costs or being able to have one person create ditches and levees in less time, you'll save on labour and fuel costs, as well.

Group standing in field with mobile device.


StellarSupport is your precision farming support portal. Ask questions or contact GreenStar™ Support and tell us how we are doing.