We innovate on behalf of humanity.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never driven a tractor, mowed a lawn, or operated a dozer. With our role in helping produce food, fiber, fuel, and infrastructure, we work for every single person on the planet.

Let us show you how.

Technology & Innovation

With more people, we’ll need more of everything - food, fiber, fuel, and infrastructure. It will take breakthrough innovations and our pioneering spirit to meet tomorrow's challenges while being mindful of our limited resources.

How will we do it?

Closeup of a John Deere E-Power charging station

By harnessing the power of alternative energy.

We’re committed to delivering more value through innovation. And more power choices to meet unique needs, including renewable fuels.  

Zero Operating Emissions: battery powered machines 
By 2026: offer electric options to new fields of work 

Closeup view of a John Deere sprayer boom in an open field.

With AI that recognizes a weed from a crop plant.

See & Spray™ Ultimate uses machine learning, robotics, cameras, and ultra-fast GPUs to target-spray weeds, reducing chemical use and improving crop health.  

36 cameras: scan more than 2,100 square feet at once 
More than 2/3: reduction in herbicide – depending on crop and field conditions* 

Self-driving John Deere tractor pulling tillage equipment through an open field.

With machines that work day and night without an operator.

The Autonomous 8R tractor with tillage tool can see, think, and work on its own, freeing up time for farmers to complete other tasks simultaneously.  

Up to 325 acres: The maximum area it can prepare in 24 hours 
100 milliseconds: The time it takes to decide to continue to move or stop

Hand holding a smart phone displaying a John Deere Operations Center with fuel rate data.

By connecting our customers to insights that matter.

With their equipment connected to the cloud, our customers can manage complex operations and ensure the health of their equipment, all with real-time data (dependent on cellular connectivity). 

500,000: connected machines today 
70 million+: processed messages per day

Empowering Our Communities

Together with our customers, our work reaches everyone, everywhere.

The John Deere Foundation Has Contributed To:

Food on Every Table

We support food and nutrition at every stage - from empowering farmers to partnering with local food banks to ensure those in need have access to nutritious food.


Today nearly 1 billion people experience hunger


The World Food Programme estimates waste affects one-third of all food grown


The expected population increase by 2050

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