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John Deere Financial – Flood Disaster Assistance

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Flood Disaster Assistance Package

We have a Flood Disaster Assistance package to offer our customers affected by recent flooding in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

We are aware of the significant impact these natural disasters may have on our customers now, and in the coming months.

In order to support you, John Deere Financial has put in place a special Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, Flood Disaster Assistance Package for those directly affected.

To facilitate an easy and effective response call John Deere Financial on: 1800 857 057

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How John Deere Financial can help:

Customers who derive a primary income in affected areas may be eligible for the following relief from our Disaster Assistance program:

  • An immediate repayment deferral of up to three months.
  • Default interest (still accrues at the usual rate) and fees will be waived during this deferral period.
  • For additional assistance, up to twelve-month loan term extensions at the current interest rate may be granted, including: waiver of establishment fees, priority processing of applications, assistance with completion of documentation.

*Terms and Conditions apply (Published November 2022)

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What do I need to do:

If you need support, please call us on:

1800 857 057

And one of our friendly customer service members will discuss your individual requirements for assistance. To work seamlessly with you, we will discuss the impacts the floods have had on you and your business as well as ask what type of assistance would best benefit your business and your budget.

*Terms and Conditions apply (Published November 2022)

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