John Deere Forwarder at work


Compare forwarder models

ModelLoad ratingLoad spaceBoomCabinWeight w/ fixed cab, from

15,000 kg

4.6 / 5.3 m², VLS 4.3 - 5.3 m²

John Deere CF7 or CF7S

Rotating and levelling, or fixed

16,330 kg (6W), 18,230 kg (8W)

19,000 kg

5.3 / 6.5 m², VLS 5.2 - 6.3 m²

John Deere CF8

Rotating and levelling, or fixed

18,790 kg (6W), 21,530 kg (8W)

Images of the redesigned fixed forwarder cabin

Fixed forwarder cabin has been redesigned.

BMW Design Works has redesigned the interior of the fixed forwarder cabin in view of quality and ergonomics. Storage spaces, lightning, leg room, acoustics, materials and much more have been renewed.

Exact location of each log

The data between the machines are updated through a cloud service, and all the operators working at the same work site can see all the tree species and assortments with the driving routes right down to the individual logs.

IBC is also available for 1910E

The most powerful forwarder ever built by Deere, the 1910E sets a standard for forwarding heavy loads over difficult terrain. The Intelligent Boom Control is also available for 1910E. Ask your dealer for more information.