tillage equipment in the field

Tillage Equipment

Tillage: it’s where we started.

In 1837, field preparation would forever change, thanks to our founder’s self-scouring plough. Today, we continue to innovate and lead in those same fields, with the industry’s most complete tillage line. It is our birthright. But more importantly, it is our passion. And we vow to bring you the best tools to prepare your fields with. Because a successful growing season for you means the world to us.

ModelsWorking DepthWorking SpeedResidue ManagementResidue ConditionsDepth Control

306 mm (up to 12 in.)

8 - 11.3 km/h



TruSet™ and Single-Point Depth Control


ModelsWorking DepthWorking SpeedRequired HP (Engine)/MWeight /bladeResidue ConditionsDepth Control

51-152 mm (2-6 inches)

16-22.5 km/h (10 to 14 mph)

26.9-36.7 kw/m (11-15/ft.)

95.25-172.4 kg (A210 - 380 lbs)*


Easy to set shims

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Agriculture Financing

At John Deere Financial we're dedicated to helping you invest in the productivity and future growth of your farm. No matter what size or type of ag operation you have, you can count on John Deere Financial, season after season, in good times and otherwise.