Get Ready for Harvest

It’s time to harvest. Smarter.

Automate machine functions and record accurate yield data.

It’s time to harvest. Smarter.

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your harvesting operation with the technology built into your S700 and X9 combine. Whatever the conditions, Combine Advisor™ automatically adjusts settings to maintain optimal grain quality, productivity and losses. Take confidence in the knowledge that your combine is compensating for changing conditions, even when you can’t see them.

This series of videos will help you to Setup, Optimise, and Automate your combine. Actionable yield data and precise machine automation comes from good setup and optimisation, so we recommend following this video series sequentially. Alternatively, if you know what you’re looking for, you can navigate straight to that section using the tabs at the top of the page!

Talk to your local John Deere dealer for detailed compatibility and setup information.

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Harvest Setup

Harvest Setup

Good machine setup and maintenance maximises performance during the harvest season, and your data is no different! There are three elements of setup covered in this section that will help you to get your machine setup.

How to Set Up your Combine

Before you start harvesting, it’s important that you use the Work Setup app in the Gen 4 display to select the right information relevant to the field that you are in. Basic crop selection and harvest setup details are also covered in the video below.

Harvest Setup with the EquipmentPlus App

It’s also important to configure your machine to the recommended settings prior to optimising the machine in-crop. The video below shows you how the EquipmentPlus app can help you get your key machine settings right both internally and externally.

Automatic Calibration using ActiveYield™

ActiveYield helps you save time and make better decisions from your data by automatically calibrating your mass flow sensor on-the-go in compatible crops. Less time calibrating means more time spent harvesting in the field.

Compatible crops: Wheat, barley, canola, corn, soybeans, and rice.

Harvest Optimisation

Now that your machine is set up with a good starting point, use the Gen 4 display and the Operations Center mobile app to optimise the performance of your machine in-crop. Good optimisation leads to precise and impactful automation.

Optimise Combine Performance

Before you can automate the adjustment of your combine settings, it’s important that you optimise the machine to the desired productivity, loss levels and grain sample quality. The Optimise Performance app in the Gen 4 display will help you through this process by providing recommended adjustments based on the symptoms you observe whether that be unthreshed grain, cracked grain, or losses among others.

Remotely View & Adjust Settings

Use Remote View and Adjust as part of the Operations Center mobile app to monitor your combine performance and adjust concave clearance, rotor, fan speed and chaffer and sieve clearance settings as needed, from anywhere, at any time.

Harvest Automation

Improve your grain sample, reduce losses, and increase all-day productivity using Combine Advisor™. In compatible crops, it automatically adjusts your combine settings on-the-go based on crop conditions without input from the operator.

Enhance your harvesting experience with Machine Sync. Control the chasing grain cart from your combine to maximise productivity and safety during unloading on-the-go. This results in operators who are more relaxed, productive, and alert while farming.

Combine Advisor™

Now that you have set up and optimised your combine, you’re ready to establish a performance target that will inform the automatic adjustment of key combine settings using Combine Advisor.

All you need to do is:

  • Get your combine optimised
  • Select Combine Advisor from the run screen
  • Turn on Auto Maintain
  • Set a new Performance Target if needed

The machine is now automatically maintaining the performance target you’ve set, and no matter the moisture or crop conditions, it will continue to make adjustments as you harvest throughout the day.

Compatible crops: Wheat, barley, canola, corn, soybeans and rice.

Automate unloading on the go with Machine Sync

The Machine Sync application used during harvest creates a local network between your tractors and combines that automates the unloading on-the-go process, helping to keep productivity to a maximum, no matter the experience of your team.

Machine Sync also enables faster decision-making during harvest with logistics information including:

  • Combine and grain cart locations and direction of travel
  • Combine grain tank fill levels
  • Unloading auger status