The value of analysis

When the job’s finished, you want to know if you were successful. Our analysis tools help you understand what worked well and where you have opportunities to improve.

A wise man once said, “You only get about 40 seasons to farm in your lifetime. If you don’t learn something every season, you’re not doing it right.” If you’ve made it this far it’s likely you already know the value of analysis. It’s why you collected the data in the first place. So, let’s just get into it!

So, what’s the data telling you?

There is a selection of tools we have to help you analyse your data. But don’t forget, you can also share your data with your trusted advisors and access over 100 connected software companies, so if you’d prefer to have someone else do the analysis, we’ve got you covered. View our list of connected companies here.

Your Field Analysis

Get a better understanding of what is driving field performance

As you prepare to make decisions for your operation throughout the growing season, you need to understand what is driving performance in your fields. Analysis tools in John Deere Operations Center™ web and mobile let you dig deeper into the powerful data you gather during fieldwork in high definition.

Field Analyzer allows you to review data layers you have collected in the field. You can compare and overlay multiple data layers to visualise their relationship, or fix data errors that may have been made during collection in the field.

Using the Analyze tool in Operations Center, you can view and analyse your data in an aggregated and tabulated format to more easily draw conclusions, as well as identify any potential errors. Viewing your data in this format, and with powerful filtering functions, you can quickly answer key questions about your operation’s performance and inputs. Analyze also makes it easy to share and export reports with your agronomist or trusted advisor.

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Common examples

Common examples

Here are some scenarios highlighting some of the ways our Analyse tools can be used.

Spray diaries

Keep accurate records of all spray diary information.

Review trial performance

Quickly review the results of farm trials.

Post calibrate data

Post calibrate yield data that was captured with multiple machines in the same field

Identify what’s driving yield

Compare layers such as soil and elevation to see if they’re driving yield.

Create a prescription from previous layers

Use multiple layers to create prescriptions.

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