Remote Diagnostics and Programming Infographic

remote diagnostics infographic


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Save time and money while eliminating technician travel time by utilising remote two-way data flow from the dealership to the job site and from the job site to dealership. 


Improper machine operation:

  • Dealer investigates high tyre temperature alert using JDLink™ Dashboard and discovers the front right and middle right tyres both have low pressure and high temperature.
  • Dealer confirms via remote diagnostics connection that overall machine health is fine and instructs customer to correct tyre pressure.
  • Result: Dealer detects improper machine condition with the potential to cause premature tyre wear and expensive downtime — all without a technician trip to the job site. 
    • Technician visit to job site eliminated.
    • Premature tyre wear avoided.
    • Downtime minimised.


Remote Software Upgrade:

  • The dealer receives a high engine oil soot load alert and learns that the machine is actively working by checking utilisation in the JDLink Dashboard.
  • Dealer views engine-misfire reading via remote diagnostics connection and matches symptoms with a service bulletin identifying an update. The dealer deploys an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) payload via remote programming to update software and resolve the problem.
  • Result: Dealer prevents downtime by correctly diagnosing and repairing the issue remotely.
    • Expensive downtime prevented
    • Problem repaired remotely


Right Part for the Job site:

  • The dealer receives an alert that indicates the motor grader has derated due to an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) fault code.
  • Dealer collects EGR flow-sensor reading via remote diagnostics, confirming that the sensor has failed. A technician arrives with a new sensor in hand for onsite repair.
  • Result: Dealer diagnoses problem remotely and sends a technician to the job site with the correct part for quick repair, avoiding an initial trip for diagnosing the problem.
    • Issue repaired quickly
    • Problem diagnosed remotely