“I like it!”

Hans Gummerus

A message pops up on machine contractor Hans Gummerus’ phone. John Deere Forestry’s Vesa Siltanen wants to know what Gummerus thinks about the new features under development for the TimberMatic Maps app. Gummerus watches Siltanen’s attached video with interest, and types out his response: “I like it!”

An added feature to the TimberMatic Maps app is the possibility to use a paintbrush-type tool to paint the logs loaded from an area or logging route to the forwarder. If desired, the painting tool can be turned on during the route recording so that the app automatically marks all the logs as being picked up.

Also the marking of the tree species was updated to make it possible to highlight the different species with different colours. The update makes it easier to keep track of the work especially in a mixed forest and in stands where several different types of timber are being harvested from one tree species.

New features are continuously being introduced to the app. One such feature being introduced in autumn is automatic reporting, which enables the machine contractor to get TimberManager’s shift- or machine-specific data directly to their email either weekly or monthly.

During the exchange, Gummerus checks the work site situation from his phone.
“The more machine chains the contractor has, the more they benefit from TimberManager. It’s become a habit for me to check the work site situation one last time before going to bed.”