John Deere X9 combine harvesting wheat

John Deere Harvesters


For an extensive line up of specialist harvesting equipment, look no further than John Deere's range including combine harvesters, cotton harvesters and sugar cane harvesters. The entire range is built from millions of dollars of investment into research and development, to ensure that every machine performs when you need it to and delivers the right harvesting solution for your farming operation.

Man operating a John Deere combine harvester at sunset.

Combine Harvesters

The T-Series, S-Series and X-Series combine harvesters provide the smarts and capacity you need to make the most out of every harvest. Whether you’re harvesting grain, beans, wheat, rice, canola or corn, these machines are equipped with integrated precision ag technologies to help further improve grain quality, reduce losses and provide you with the ability to make better informed, real-time decisions on your farm.

John Deere cotton picker

Cotton Harvesting

When it comes to harvesting cotton, John Deere’s picker and stripper machine options provide the competitive advantage, allowing for increased flexibility as you move modules from paddock to gin by using RFID tags embedded into the module wrap. With the ability to hold enough wrap for 120 modules, eliminating the need to dump, these machines also provide more uptime and productivity in your harvesting days.

John Deere sugar cane harvester moving through a field.

Sugar Cane Harvesting

Completing the harvesting equipment line-up is the CH570 sugar cane harvester, developed with an innovative cane handling system, giving you better returns by increasing the amount and quality of the cane harvested. The industry-exclusive Harvest Monitor™ with SmartClean™ system enables cost-saving decisions on harvesting and farm practices to ensure you’re making the most of every cane.

Complete Harvesting Support

Complete Harvesting Support

At John Deere we know the importance of uptime when harvesting, which is why all our harvesting equipment is built to an exceptionally high standard with quality parts and components. And, should the unexpected occur, genuine John Deere parts are readily available at your local dealer to ensure downtime does not get in the way of a high yielding season. Visit your local John Deere dealer today.