Windrowers and Platforms

Photo of windrower moving through field

500D Draper Platforms

The 500D Draper Platforms are engineered for high-performance reliability, even in muddy conditions. Available in widths from 7.6 m to 11 m (25 ft. to 36 ft.). 500D Draper Platforms are compatible with both the W235 and W260 Windrowers and can be interchanged with a rotary head on both traction units in 30 minutes or less, which means you can harvest both small grains and hay with one windrower.

Compatible with W150 Windrowers, the 400D Draper Platforms are available in sizes from 4.6 to 12.2 m (15 to 40 ft.) widths with many options to improve performance for varying crop conditions and customer needs. These machines are designed to cut well on and off the ground. They also have a very strong reel to feed uniformly.

ModelHPDraper PlatformsAuger PlatformsRotary Platforms







600D Center-mount design photo

Centred Design

No more offset drapers! The 600D features a centre-mount design for easier unloading and greater versatility.

Wider Belt and Taller Cleats Photo

Wider Belt and Taller Cleats

Now an extra four inches wide, the 40-inch belt also has 1-inch tall cleats to easily handle high-volume crops.

Dual Knife Drive Photo

Dual Knife Drive

This timed dual-knife drive provides a true 4-inch stroke, as well as less vibration for more productivity in tough cutting conditions. Standard on the 630D, 635D, and 640D; optional on the 625D.

larger feed drum photo

Larger feed drum

The forward-positioned and larger, 16-inch feed drum aggressively pulls material into the feederhouse to provide the ultimate in material handling. Plus, it reverses along with the centre belt and reel should bunching occur in heavy crop conditions.

Low cut height photo

Low Cut Height

Now you can shave the ground! The 600D can cut as low as 38 mm (about 1.5 inches) from the ground.

optional transport system photo

Optional Transport System

Add the optional transport system to your 630D, 635D, or 640D. It takes only one person minutes to convert the draper from field to transport mode.

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