NEWS RELEASE   November 14, 2023

Garangula Takes the Reins of New Workhorse Mowers

Crestmead, Queensland (14 November, 2023) — Maintaining a polo field is no small task.

In fact, measuring around five hectares in area (50,000 square metres), it is the largest field in organised sport.

The huge grass playing surface needs to be firm enough for the ball to roll smoothly, and soft enough to protect the wellbeing of both the highly trained human and equine athletes who play the game.

When Garangula Polo Club in the NSW South West Slopes region was in the market for new mowing equipment to tackle the job, local John Deere dealer LandHQ had just the machine.

With a mowing head measuring 3.3m in width, the 8900A PrecisionCut™ Fairway Mower has proven to be the perfect fit for the club.

"It's the widest mower with five heads on the market, which is a real time saver when it comes to mowing the massive polo fields," LandHQ Key Account Manager, Stephen Foster, said.

"The GPS auto-guided technology maximises the efficiency of mowing a large piece of turf, which is better for the environment and the longevity of the equipment.

"Garangula is committed to improving their sustainability and how they operate, so the team have been quick to embrace the new equipment."

The 8900A provides increased horsepower with a turbocharged diesel engine, while the TechControl display allows more control in operation and diagnostics and the double-acting, single-rod hydraulic steering cylinder makes it easy to maintain arrow-straight mowing lines.

Head greenkeeper at the club, Kyle Murray, said their two new 8900A units have been a big timesaver for the team.

"It's helped us cut a four-hour mowing job down to around two-and-a-half hours," Mr Murray said.

"We used to have four mowers going in between games to cover the playing surfaces, but the efficiency of the 8900A's means we can just have the two mowers covering the same ground.

"The GPS units are so easy to use and the John Deere's are ergonomic too so really comfortable to operate."

Garangula Polo Club employs a full-time mechanic who has access to remote service support through LandHQ, with real-time data helping optimise John Deere machines and solve any troubleshooting issues remotely.

"I like how easy the maintenance side of things is with John Deere," Mr Murray said.

"We have the mechanic on site for more technical stuff, but the basic maintenance on these machines can be carried out by anyone.

"Stephen and LandHQ have been so easy to deal with. Any questions we've got they get back to us straight away.

"It's been a fantastic investment for the club."

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