NEWS RELEASE   September 13, 2023

John Deere Financial 'They Know Farmers'

Crestmead, Queensland (13 September, 2023) — GRIFFITH cotton and cereal grower and contractor, Gavin Dal Broi, clearly recalls his first John Deere Financial application for a loan to buy a second tractor.

He completed the application on his phone, on the couch at home and said he remembers thinking 'That can't be it!'. It was so easy.

"That was ten years ago, when our local dealership suggested we apply for finance through John Deere Financial," Gavin said.

"They were extremely easy to deal with, their applications were simple, and we've worked with them ever since to purchase all our new gear."

'New gear' purchases represent a multi-million-dollar investment for Broidal Contracting, run by Gavin and his wife Clare. Together, they operate a fleet of 17 machines providing earthworks, planting, spraying and harvesting services to farmers from southern Queensland to northern Victoria, with a team of eight employees that swells to 15 at harvest.

"We do turnkey irrigation, which is all preparation from the bare paddock right through to harvesting, so we've got the sprayers, planters, multiple tracked- and wheeled-tractors and cotton pickers, all financed through John Deere," Gavin explained.

Destined for a life on the land

Third generation farmers, the Dal Brois, along with Gavin's parents, also grow cotton, corn and cereal crops on 2000ha of irrigation and 1200ha of dryland on their own properties west of Griffith — 'Terrawarra', 'Warrawidgee West' and 'Marydale' at Warrawidgee, in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.

As a six-year-old, Gavin recalls being asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and said the piece of paper with his answer is still stuck on the fridge in his home after all these years.

'I want to help my Dad,' the note reads with Gavin saying he just wanted to spend as much time with his father as possible.

"I wanted to do whatever my Dad did, so that's why I fell in love with agriculture," he said.

"And to be honest, when you're working 14 hours a day, seven days a week, you wouldn't do it unless you love it."

Gavin has worked to continually build his business skills since leaving school, completing a Diploma of Agriculture by correspondence, all while working on the family farm.

He is the current Chair of RivCott Ginning, a grower-owned business with the largest cotton cleaning and drying capacities in Australia; Director of I-AG, a regionally-based software company; Director of the agribusiness co-operative, Yenda Producers Group; and a pilot participant in the AgCareerStart program that encourages young Australians to work on farms.

Building good relationships through 'boots on the ground'

The Australian agriculture industry has faced evolving challenges since Gavin was young, which feeds his commitment to adopting industry leading equipment and technology to drive his business success.

He says dealing with John Deere Financial is the best option for his operations because they know the machinery he uses and are proactive in financing new equipment as it comes to market.

"When new machinery comes to market, we've already been involved in discussions with John Deere Financial about payment and deposits, so it's a seamless operation," he said.

"They have boots on the ground and understand what we are dealing with. They're not just a faceless entity.

"They also make our farming operation more efficient by having just a one-stop shop rather than dealing with a broker or multiple banks."

These strong relationships have been critical during times of droughts and floods with John Deere Financial suspending repayments to support Gavin and his family during difficult operating periods.

"Thankfully, we're only having that conversation once and with someone we have a one-on one relationship with, but even more important than that, they know farmers."

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