Press Releases   October 29, 2019

John Deere introduces the 8RX Tractor, the industry’s first fixed-frame four-track tractor

Company updates 8 Family of 230- to 410-horsepower track and wheel tractors.

8R 410 shown in harvested corn field.

Seven models of John Deere 8R Wheel Tractors are offered from 230 to 410 horsepower including the 8R 410 shown here.

Crestmead, Queensland (29 October, 2019) — For model year 2020, John Deere has introduced a new 8 Family Tractor lineup that includes 8R wheel tractors, 8RT two-track tractors and the industry’s first fixed-frame four-track tractors, the all-new 8RX. These new tractors come standard equipped with the latest precision ag technology and allow customers to choose the machine configuration, options and horsepower to best fit their operation.

“New 8RX Tractors offer all the benefits of tracks and provide a driving experience more like a wheel tractor,” said Tammy Lee, marketing manager, production agriculture for John Deere. “They represent the next leap forward in tractor innovation and have everything customers like about 8R wheel tractors with the addition of four independent tracks and a new fully suspended cab that makes them more comfortable to operate. This new machine form delivers unmatched flotation, traction and ride quality.”

With the turning characteristics of wheel tractors, 8RX Tractors deliver the pulling performance of tracks by providing more surface area of contact, less ground pressure and less slip than wheel tractors. “We didn’t just add tracks to an 8R Tractor. This is a fully engineered John Deere four-track solution, not a bolt-on aftermarket product,” Lee said. “A key component is the John Deere 1700 pivoting beam axle, specifically designed for a four-track tractor to provide the necessary strength and enable adjustability of tread spacings to fit grower needs.”

John Deere offers a wide range of track and axle configurations for 8RX Tractors. Multiple tread-spacing options are available and include 193, 203.2, 223.5, or 304.8 cm (76, 80, 88, or 120 in.) wide front axles. Three belt widths are available and include 45.7 and 60.9 cm (18 and 24 in.) wide front belts, or 45.7, 60.9 and 76.2 cm (18, 24 and 30 in.) wide rear belts.

Every 8 Family Tractor also leaves the factory fully integrated, fully capable and fully supported with the latest technology. “For model year 2020, we made numerous precision ag technology updates that make it easy for customers to remotely monitor and manage tractor and field operations and to enable more timely transfer of prescriptions and data,” Lee said. 

Each new 8R, 8RT and 8RX Tractor comes standard equipped with an integrated Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter™ display, StarFire™ 6000 integrated receiver and AutoTrac™ activation. Additional premium or automation activations are available so customers can upgrade and choose the level of accuracy they prefer. A full suite of John Deere technology is included for the seamless integration of automation, documentation and connectivity through the John Deere Operations Center. “This Precision Ag Intelligence package includes JDLink™ with five years of service, John Deere Connected Support™, Expert Alerts, Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer – all backed by the industry’s best dealer network,” Lee said.

The new StarFire 6000 integrated receiver requires no calibration of the Terrain Compensation Module (TCM), is more accurate than previous models and is less vulnerable to theft according to Lee. “Coupled with the guidance system enhancements that were made, operators will be up and running with even greater accuracy in less time. Regardless of the model a customer chooses, each 8 Family Tractor is precision-ag equipped to prepare precise seedbeds, handle variable-rate seeding and manage fertiliser prescriptions, all at up to 16 km/h (10 mph),” Lee said.

Every tractor in the 8 Family also received an all-new, larger cab, the largest John Deere has ever offered. With an extra 5 centimetres of headroom and a 24 percent wider entry path it’s easier to enter and egress. An automotive-inspired interior surrounds the operator and provides wide-open access to a new control layout. Customers can choose from three Comfort and Convenience cab packages that include Select, Premium or Ultimate. 

The Ultimate cab includes an exclusive new leather seat with electronic adjustment, heating, ventilation and massage features, and smartphone integration with a 16.5 cm (6.5 in.) touchscreen and multi-speaker system. Also included in the Ultimate cab are a leather-wrapped steering wheel, footrests and carpeted floor mat.

In addition, three Visibility packages are offered, Select, Premium and Ultimate. For more efficient night-time operation, Ultimate Visibility features 22 work LED and eight convenience LED lights, twice as many lights as current models. This gives an operator 360 degrees of lighting coverage while working on or servicing their equipment. The Ultimate Visibility package also comes with electric, heated, telescopic mirrors; wipers and sunshades on the front, right-hand side and rear; and integrated front and rear cameras.

Improving dependability and simplifying routine service and maintenance for 8 Family Tractor customers was another priority of John Deere. Tractors in the 8 Family have up to 200 fewer connection points and fewer potential leak points. In addition, a new decal was added inside each tractor’s hood panel with regular service and maintenance points clearly identified to make these tasks easy to perform.

table of John Deere 8 Family of Tractors

The new range comes with a choice of transmissions which includes the field-proven John Deere 16-Speed PST, e23™ PowerShift transmission or optional Infinitely Variable Transmission™ (IVT).

When customers equip their tractor with IVT and add optional CommandPRO™, they gain powerful, smooth, efficient tractor control. CommandPRO is an ergonomic multi-function control lever that puts tractor speed, direction and implement control in the palm of the operator’s hand. Any of the 11 reconfigurable buttons can be customised to fit the job and individual settings can be saved for different operators.

“The precise speed control of CommandPRO with IVT makes implement hookups easy and allows for acceleration from zero to top speed with the push of the control – perfect for road transport operations,” Lee said.

 “These updated tractors are the most intelligent, comfortable and dependable tractors we have ever produced.”

“With more horsepower, 17 percent more fuel capacity and an efficient drivetrain, an 8R 410 can help operators cover more acres per day more efficiently.”

John Deere 8RT Tractors deliver unmatched two-track pulling performance according to Lee. Four models are available from 310 to 410 horsepower, and transport at speeds up to 26 mph. “John Deere 8RT Tractors are the only two-track tractor available with an AirCushion™ suspension system and four-corner cab suspension that carries the most comfortable, advanced cab in the industry,” Lee said.

Speaking about the launch, Steve Wright, manager, marketing & sales said, “The adoption of precision farming techniques in Australia and New Zealand continues to grow. This is why we are so excited for the launch of these tractors – the most advanced we’ve ever released.”

Ordering and pricing information will be available in December for model year 2020, with shipments of 8 Family of Tractors expected to begin from May 2020. For more information visit or see your local dealer.

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