June 10, 2024

Simple AutoPath™ feature promotes planning perfection

Crestmead, Queensland (10 June, 2024) — Small grain growers using Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) can now take another simple yet impactful step towards automation with the announcement of new AutoPath™ (Boundaries) in the latest updates to John Deere Operations Center™ and Gen 4 and G5 Displays.

AutoPath (Boundaries) creates a seamless end-to-end experience for users, with no source operation or implement-mounted StarFire™ receiver required, with path plans created in three simple steps:

    1. Select a driven field boundary or an existing guidance line
    2. Set a headland size and offset type
    3. AutoPath (Boundaries) automatically creates guidance tracks for the entire field.

Following these three steps, operators can create guidance plans for the entire season in just one sitting, before the plan is sent to the display in preparation for the commencement of work when it's time to put machinery in the field.

John Deere Precision Ag Marketing Manager, Max Cusack, said AutoPath (Boundaries) also delivered an important opportunity for growers to build on their existing investment in CTF.

"This is going to be a great feature for our small grains customers and one we have been waiting for. It will allow operators to take advantage of our path planning tool and, if they are Controlled Traffic Farming, leverage existing guidance lines and investment in CTF," Mr Cusack said.

"Operators can choose to set up and preview full-field guidance plans online using Operations Center or create plans from the seat of the cab when they arrive in the field.

"This is a John Deere exclusive, and it provides farmers with the flexibility to adjust guidance plans that were created online directly within their G5 or Gen 4 display without having to go back into Ops Center to alter the plan.

"We particularly love that customers can use their existing guidance lines, while capturing the the full benefits of AutoPath (Boundaries) and its planning functionality."

'Align to Boundary' feature creates perfect first pass

The AutoPath (Boundaries) ‘Align to Boundary' track generation method identifies the best starting point to begin work in the field, to ensure the perfect first pass, eliminate gaps and minimise overlaps.

In-field guidance tracks can be easily modified using one of the three track-generation methods (Heading Angle, Align to Boundary, or From an Existing Track) and by shifting tracks north/south/east/west (in-field tracks) or inward/outward (headland tracks).

AutoPath can create a single plan for each of the zones applying the same settings to the entire field.

Other key updates

Other key feature of the latest Operations Center updates include:

  • Turn size adjustments for AutoTrac™: Make small or large turn size adjustments using a fixed, incremental adjustment scale.
  • Skip turn recommendations for AutoTrac: Customers who update their software to 24-1 will benefit from the new automated skip turn recommendation feature which detects areas where improvements can be made in turn quality based on track spacing, turn capabilities, and headline size.
  • Idle reasons: Gen 4 and G5 users will now have access to Idle Reasons which allows farmers to select an ‘idle reason' in the machine cab. This message is then shared with Operations Center and compiled into a report, helping operators identify the underlying cause of operational inefficiencies.
  • In-field data sharing: A number of enhancements have been added to In-field Data Sharing to improve overall operator experience.

For more information go to: Stellar Support to view the latest 24-1 Display Software updates and visit Operations Center to view the Release Notes for all the new digital updates.

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