Press Releases   June 18, 2020

Tools down, tractor up for John Deere fan.

Bill Hooke

Bill Hooke has done his time with his shovel and wheelbarrow. In his eighth decade Bill is still kept busy most days with maintenance around his property. He recently bought a John Deere 1023E Compact Tractor and is very pleased he did. “I use it all the time. It’s only a small tractor but it suits my purpose and it’s what I need.” 

Bill bought the tractor from his local John Deere dealership, Vanderfield. But not before a bit of research. “I did look around. I looked at several tractors, but I came back to John Deere.” 

Having owned a John Deere Ride-on Mower in the past, Bill was well aware of the quality and performance of the brand. “I had been extremely happy with my ride-on, so I had no hesitation going with John Deere for the tractor.”  

Bill’s property has its challenges. “It’s one and a quarter acres, sandy and hilly, and it can be hard going.” The 1023E has been kept busy with Bill’s tasks. “I’ve used it to push and pull trees, haul stumps and it makes shovelling bark chips so easy.”  

The attachments were another real selling point for Bill. “I got a mower deck fitted and the bucket is just great.”  

The team at John Deere Vanderfield guided Bill through his decision and purchase. “I had a very good experience with the dealer. Their salesperson really went out of his way to help me. They really know their stuff.  

Bill is pretty happy he’s swapped his shovel for the tractor but does have one gripe. “I just wish I’d bought the tractor 20 years ago!” 

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