August 04, 2021

John Deere CP770 Cotton Picker and CS770 Stripper launched in the Australian market packed with power and precision

CP770 Cotton Picker in a cotton field

John Deere has launched two new cotton harvesters to the Australian market, a CP770 Cotton Picker and CS770 Stripper.

Crestmead, Queensland (04 August, 2021) — COTTON farmers will have access to the most productive harvesters ever built by John Deere with the launch of the new CP770 Cotton Picker and CS770 Cotton Stripper to the Australian market.

The new models are made to meet the cotton industry's demand for power and precision and are equipped with a full portfolio of integrated precision ag technology and a larger, more comfortable cab, backed by the power of John Deere's bolstered 13.6 L PowerTech™ engine, which in the Tier 4 range, increases fuel efficiency by 20% for the CP770 and up to 15% for the CS770. A Tier 3 engine option is also available.

Both harvesters include a new module handling system, and the CS770 now features the largest header size available, at 12 rows.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Production System Manager, Ben Kelly, said the CP770 and CS770 harvesters have been redesigned from the ground up, and are an ideal merge of power, size and precision agriculture technology, made to deliver an industry-leading harvesting platform to Australian cotton farmers.

"The CP770 Cotton Picker and CS770 Stripper machines will increase productivity during harvest, while at the same time giving farmers and contractors simple, easy-to-use and impactful access to their farm and equipment data," Mr Kelly said.

"The size of the new round module builders on the picker and stripper make it possible to harvest more hectares per hour, as the module size has grown by more than five centimetres in diameter, to equate to a 2% productivity gain per bale."

The CP770 and CS770 have been developed with the Australian cotton producer in mind.

"The Australian cotton industry is extremely important to us, hence our multi-year investment in testing our cotton equipment in the country's unique production conditions to ensure we deliver the power, efficiency and durability needed," Mr Kelly said.

The CP770 and CS770 are also the first cotton harvesters to be offered by John Deere with the Generation 4 Display.

"This technology seamlessly and securely connects to JDLink™, which is now available at no ongoing costs, to collect and collate agronomic and machine data through the John Deere Operations Center, paving the way for farmers and contractors to delve deeper into the insights of their operation," Mr Kelly said.

"This information helps ensure harvest runs smoothly, on time and on schedule – right to the last hectare."

Mr Kelly said traceability was growing in its core importance to the cotton industry, and the technology delivered by the CP770 and CS770 dovetailed precisely into John Deere's already enhanced Harvest ID (HID) technology, which uses the radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader to read module serial numbers embedded on the module wrap.

"Ultimately, this technology means there is improved reporting and seamless access to data related to cotton bales that can be shared to stakeholders right across the supply chain," he said.

On top of the hard-iron and technological improvements, driver comfort has not been forgotten, and both harvesters come with a new cab configuration designed to ensure operators have a smooth ride and ease-of-use during harvest.

"The cab is noticeably larger, quieter and more comfortable, and provides operators with incredible visibility as more cameras, mirrors and lighting have been added," Mr Kelly said.  

Mr Kelly said the new harvester launch represented John Deere's long-running partnership with the Australian cotton industry and continued work to bring innovation to the sector.

"John Deere trialed its revolutionary round-bale cotton picker on a NSW farm in 2008 which, for the first time, allowed non-stop harvesting by a self-propelled machine, and marked a major global milestone for the industry," he said.

"We see the launch of the CP770 and CS770 as a continued demonstration of our long-term commitment to the Australian cotton industry and a reflection of our confidence in the strength of the sector," Mr Kelly said.

For more information about John Deere Cotton Harvesting, visit the John Deere website.

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