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Home grown Lawn Legend wins ZTrak™ of his dreams

Husband and wife standing by Ztrak mower

Lawn Legends, Rob and Sarah Masters, with their new Z335E Residential ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mower.

Crestmead, Queensland (28 January 2021) — WITH only a 10-year-old push mower to keep his overgrown 2.4 hectares of grass in check, yard-proud South Australian Rob Masters knew the odds were stacked against him to achieve the lush lawn of his dreams.

In May last year, Rob, his wife Sarah and their children Hannah (11), Riley (10), Zac (8) and Adam (6) moved from suburban Adelaide to Birdwood in the Adelaide Hills, about an hour away.

He had bold plans to make their new property the ideal spot for their family to grow up, starting with the wild jungle of a lawn.

Working as a rigger during the day, Rob spent his evenings after work and weekends shoving around his rusty old push mower to try and tame the unruly paddock which was his new house yard.

What Rob did not realise was, while he was on his mowing mission, Sarah had entered him in the John Deere Lawn Legend competition, which had a first-prize of a Z335E Residential ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mower with 7P Poly Cart.

Sarah's entry stood out to the judging panel, and the family is thrilled to be proud owners of the cutting-edge John Deere equipment.

"We have such big plans for our new home," Sarah said.

"The lawn was getting out of control, we quickly realised when we moved here the push mower wouldn't cut it.

"Rob was mowing in patches, it's all you can do with a push mower, and it felt like he would turn around and it had all grown back behind him."

In the weeks leading up to the competition, Sarah said Rob had been texting her pictures of the lawn mower of his dreams, which was sitting in the shopfront of his local John Deere dealership.

"He called the mower on display a 'diamond in the window'," she said.

"I was planning on saving my pennies to try and organise something for him for Christmas but I entered the competition on a whim when it popped up my Facebook page – we cannot believe we won."

The only ones who aren't as excited are the Masters' 'other lawnmowers', two sheep who were ignoring their duties in favour of Sarah's veggie patch.

The Z335E Residential ZTrak Zero-Turn Mower boasts a 107 cm (42 in.) Accel Deep™ Deck and can travel up to 11 km/h.

"The new mower will help us achieve the perfect lawn," Sarah said.

"We like clean, neat and tidy landscaping. We hope to eventually install a retaining wall so we can section the land off, and to build an outdoor area."

John Deere Production Systems Manager, Stephanie Gersekowski, congratulated the Masters family on their win.

"Rob's dedication to improving his large lawn with a push mower definitely makes him a Lawn Legend," Stephanie said.

"We can't think of a better home for the Z335E Residential ZTrak Zero-Turn Mower than on the Masters' property as it is a machine which will help them achieve the goals they have set for their new home.

"The Z335E will make quick work of their challenging yard thanks to it is deck which is stamped out of steel. It isolid and sturdy and well prepared to tackle any tough terrain.

"The wide rear tyres will give Rob a smooth and safe ride on his sloped lawn, and not to mention, give his legs a well-earned rest."

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