Press Release   February 29, 2024

John Deere Introduces New S7 Series Combine Harvesters

Crestmead, Queensland (29 February, 2024) –The acclaimed John Deere S Series combines have been redesigned and optimised with new technologies to build on their proven performance in Australian and New Zealand conditions and deliver best-in-class efficiency and productivity.

John Deere Production Systems Manager, Ben Kelly, said the updates would deliver productivity gains of up to 20%, with 10% less fuel used.

"There have been visible updates to the cab and exterior styling, but the changes don't stop on the surface," Mr Kelly said.

"Under the bonnet, new engines will deliver more fuel efficiency, a re-designed grain loss sensing system will provide more accurate grain loss measurements, and new automation features will take operator performance to the next level."

"The S Series remains the proven workhorse it has been since its inception in 2012, but is now even better than ever."

The new S7 Series family includes:

  • S7 600: 333hp/249kw rated power; 367hp/274kw max power
  • S7 700: 402hp/300kw rated power; 460hp/343kw max power
  • S7 800: 473hp/353kw rated power; 540hp/402kw max power
  • S7 900: 543hp/405kw rated power; 617hp/460kw max power

New engines, new grain-handling and new residue management features

The new S7 Series combine harvesters will be equipped with either the JD14 13.6L engine, or the JD9 9L engine, Tier 3 configuration. Designed to produce higher power at lower RPMs, these powerhouses offer improved all-condition performance and advanced diagnostic capabilities to help keep the S7 Series running strong, all day.

"Input costs, including fuel, are one of the most challenging elements of agricultural production, while environmental and economic sustainability is central to the success of modern farm businesses, so we know the 10% fuel saving delivered by the new S7 Series will be a welcome addition to farming and contracting enterprises," Mr Kelly said.

The S7 Series also offers a new high-efficiency residue management system. Featuring straight knives, a mechanical tailboard drive, and the available Premium PowerCast tailboard, the new machines can more consistently size and spread fine- or extra-fine cut residue up to 13.7m (45 ft.), while drawing up to 15 fewer hp (11 kw) for residue management functions.

"It's critical for residue to be sized and spread properly to promote fast breakdown, and the residue management system on the S7 Series can be configured with a range of tailboards and knives, so growers can get the chop they need, regardless of crop," Mr Kelly said.

A new, adjustable unloading spout ensures grain is going into the bin and not on the ground. After the grain tank is emptied, the new cross-auger shutoff feature completely empties the unloading system, reducing weight in the unloading auger and wear on the associated belts.

The new S7 Series machines also feature an improved grain loss monitoring system in base equipment.

"The new loss-sensing system detects grain loss at the rear of the cleaning shoes and the separator, and is up to three times more accurate than the previous system," Mr Kelly said.

"The loss rate is shown clearly on the in-cab display, so operators can quickly make required adjustments."

The S7 Series: corner-office comfort

The new S7 Series has been designed to be among the most comfortable combine harvesters ever produced, with a new operator station offering more storage space for food and drink, a more comfortable seat and more glass for better visibility – all designed to help the operator remain alert and focused through even the longest days of harvest.

Along with the operator comfort upgrades, the base S7 Series will be equipped with the G5PLUS CommandCenterTM, the Integrated StarFireTM 7500 receiver, JDLink™ modem and new corner post display, paving the way for new automation features and functionality into the future.

Automated settings help keep operators focused

The Model-Year 2025 S7 Series and X9 Series combines have three technology packages operators can choose from – select, premium and ultimate. Available options in the ultimate package include:

  • Ground Speed Automation to manage the combine's speed based on operator inputs for grain loss, engine load and rotor pressure to maintain consistent throughput.
  • Harvest Settings Automation to automatically adjust rotor speed, fan speed, and concave, chaffer, and sieve clearances based upon acceptable limits for grain loss, foreign material, and broken grain. This delivers a more consistent and higher quality harvest, irrespective of operator skill level.
  • Predictive Ground Speed Automation using Ground Speed Automation as the foundation, plus two forward-looking cameras, to visually assess changing crop conditions and a pre-harvest satellite image to generate a predictive field map. The combine merges the two inputs to proactively manage ground speed and maximise combine throughput.

"These automation packages will maintain peak performance throughput all day long regardless of variations in crop yield, down crop, or even with less experienced operators, maximising productivity at harvest," Mr Kelly said.

"The S7 Series is one of the world's most loved pieces of farm equipment and we are excited to introduce these new models and upgrades to deliver the most efficient, capable and operator-friendly machines we've ever produced for contract harvesters and growers of all types and scales across Australia and New Zealand."

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