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John Deere ready to support Australian lawn lovers in the lead up to mowing season

Pip Harmer on his ZTrak Z525E.

Tranquil Waters Culleraine manager Pip Harmer said his ZTrak Z525E is a vital piece of machinery for maintaining the grounds at the picturesque Victorian holiday park.

CRESTMEAD, Queensland (9 November 2020) – As the weather warms and grass begins to flourish across the country, the minds of millions of Australians have turned to the mowing season ahead, and the equipment needed to ensure lawns are looking their best.

John Deere Tactical Segment Marketing Manager, Fraser Scott, said the John Deere lineup of Ride-On and Zero-Turn Mowers were ideally suited to Australia's unique growing conditions, including the 100 Series and Residential ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mower ranges, both of which are designed to ensure less time is needed to maintain the lawn, so that more time can be spent enjoying it.

"There is no doubt one of the keys to a great Spring and Summer lawn is the equipment you use," Mr Scott said.

"John Deere lawn mowers not only make your lawn look better but are also machines that perform reliably and efficiently to save both time and operating expenses.

"For example, our Edge Mower Decks have a rounded design to ensure there is no corner or edge for grass to get stuck in. This helps the cut grass to travel easily through the deck and supports an even dispersal for a high-quality result."

Basic mechanical tasks for the 100 series are simple given the John Deere Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System*, which allows the oil and filter to be taken out and replaced in one go, with a simple twist and click.

"For more than 180 years John Deere has been innovating and investing in the development of industry-leading equipment and technology like this that is simple to use and efficient," Mr Scott said.

"Importantly, we're able to deliver the world's premium quality lawn and turf equipment at a price that is attainable to all gardeners and enthusiasts, no matter what type of lawn they have or their level of expertise.

"This is backed by the support of an extensive dealer network with a deep understanding of the needs of Australian lawns and accessibility for customers to ongoing advice and guidance – to help make sure you have the right machine for the right job and continual help to use it to the best of its ability."

The ZTrak Zero-Turn mower range is ideal for residents with large acreage, or who have land running across mixed terrain, given the deck is stamped out of nine-gauge steel for superior durability.

"The sturdy equipment minimises clumping, even when handling a large volume of material, to deliver a thorough and pristine cut at higher speeds," Mr Scott said.

"On-the-go tracking adjustments, wide deck options, and impressive Zero-Turn precision steering will help to achieve the perfect cut while also significantly cutting down the time needed to cover those larger areas."

At Tranquil Waters Cullulleraine, a sprawling holiday park in the heart of Victoria, it was these traits which drew manager, Pip Harmer, to the Z525E ZTrak.

Pip enjoys the machine's smooth ride and top cut so much he has become a Cullulleraine lawn hero, often mowing the backyard of his father's elderly neighbour before heading off to work to manicure the Tranquil Waters grounds.

"The Zero-Turn steering means you can basically spin on a coin. It's more economical and mows much faster and more efficiently than other mowers I have used," Mr Harmer said.

The ground he needs to cover may be vast given it stretches across more than 1.6 ha (four acres), but for those who have a little less area, Mr Scott said the 100 Series Ride-on Mowers were ideal.

"The E110, for example, has a 107 cm Edge Cutting System, and Two Pedal Hydrostatic Transmission – it's easy to use and allows you to navigate tricky obstacles with ease," he said.

The full line up in the 100 Series (including the E100, E110, E120, E130 and E140) all come with power steering to enhance overall manoeuvrability.

  • For more information and to learn about the unique features John Deere Ride-On and Zero-Turn mowers can bring this lawn growing season contact your local John Deere dealer or visit the John Deere website.
  • *Available on selected 100 Series Mowers.

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