NEWS RELEASE   June 16, 2023

John Deere Offers New 1725C Stack-Fold Planter for Cotton

Crestmead, Queensland (16 June, 2023) — John Deere has unveiled a new line-up of four 1725C non-central commodity system planters for cotton farmers seeking greater agronomic data collection to drive planting decisions.

The 1725C comes in 12-row/30, 12-row 36/38, 12-row 38/40 or 16-row/30 configurations and equipped with a full agronomic suite including ExactEmerge™ and MaxEmerge™ row units, pneumatic row cleaners and closing wheels, and individual-row hydraulic downforce. These agronomic tools help improve seed-to-soil contact and crop emergence, and can increase the yield potential of the crop that's planted.

Farmers who want to apply liquid fertiliser in-furrow or off-set while planting can add the optional John Deere ExactRate™ fertiliser system.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Production System Manager, Ben Kelly, said the 1725C would be of particular interest to customers who currently plant with the 1725, which has been in market for a number of years, given the substantial agronomic and planter monitoring features the new model would deliver.

"For those customers who love the 1725 planter, the new 1725C is built on the same reliable and easy-to-use platform our customers have enjoyed in the past, but with the addition of electric drive meters, to offer more precise control of seed population and singulation," Mr Kelly said.

"Individual row hydraulic downforce and pneumatic row cleaners and closing wheels also mean growers can expect more uniform seed depth control and better seed to soil contact, which we know will deliver more uniform emergence.

"Successful planting is all about accurate seed placement, you need to ensure each seed has the best possible chance of emergence, but sometimes in the heat of the battle, things don't go to plan. When this happens, being able to gather useful information to help understand what has occurred is highly valuable and the new 1725C gives operators this opportunity by collecting a powerful range of information, a, available in the cab and remotely via Operations Center in near real time.

"This helps to deliver growers the support they need to reduce mistakes in field, and inform decisions to improve next season."

All 1725C planters include electric drives that provide individual row control versus groups of rows on hydraulic-drive planters, providing more accurate planting population control. Electric-drive planters also reduce maintenance requirements, as they do not have wear parts like chains and sprockets found in hydraulic-driven equipment.

Farmers purchasing a 1725C can also choose a hopper size that best fits their farm, with options including 1.6-bushel, 2.7-bushel and 3-bushel.

After a successful showing at FarmFest in Toowoomba last week, the 1725C will be on display at AgQuip at Gunnedah in New South Wales on 22-24 August and complete demonstrations later in the year during cotton planting season.

"We encourage anyone interested in understanding more about the agronomic value the new 1725C planters will bring to Australian cotton operations to head to AgQuip or talk to their local John Deere dealer," Mr Kelly said.

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