Technician Jobs

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Know a thing or two about diagnosing problems and fixing equipment?

Customer support is just as important as the product. Technicians' diagnoses and repair complex heavy-duty equipment, off road, construction, and lawn equipment for the customers and the dealership. Technicians help create lifetime customers by being efficient and timely on repairs and diagnoses. Service Technician provides clear communication on status of equipment repairs and inspections while being descriptive with work orders. As a service technician you have many tools and applications available to connect to your customers equipment to provide remote support and diagnostics, and ultimately ensuring you arrive with the right parts and tools to get your customers operation up and running again.

General Requirements for a Service Apprentice role:

  • Learn and perform basic service tasks as assigned
  • Develop an understanding of the service department operations and how to meet your customer needs
  • Develop an understanding of the tools and applications available to provide remote diagnostics and support to your customers
  • Assist senior technicians as needed
  • Responsible for completion and thorough documentation of diagnostics and repairs performed on work orders 
  • Develop a passion for the industry and helping customer operations running!

General Requirements for a Service Technician role:

  • Performs diagnostics and repairs on John Deere equipment and technology
  • Mentors Service Technician Trainees and Service Technicians
  • Conducts or supports customer clinics
  • Responsible for complete and thorough documentation of diagnostics and repairs performed on work orders and on time submittal of information
  • Operates and maintains vehicles, tools and equipment required to perform job responsibilities
  • Maintains current knowledge of John Deere and competitive products

Progression Roles:

  • Service Apprentice
  • Pre-delivery Technician
  • Service Technician
  • Master Technician
  • Service Advisor
  • Workshop Foreman
  • Machine Monitoring Specialist
  • Technical Communicator

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We have advanced technologies and applications to connect to your customer's equipment to provide that differentiated support.

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We have the tools and training to help you diagnose and repair your customers equipment and get them running back to operation as soon as possible!