Tech awards winners grouped in front of Deere equipment

2022 John Deere Technician of the Year Winners

2022 Technician Winners

Jaymee smiling while standing in front of a Deere tractor

Jaymee Ireland

I love my job. Every day we’re working on something new in the wine or grain or horticulture industries and we never do the same thing. We’re either in the field, on farm or in the workshop.

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Greg smiling outside in front of a tractor

Greg Bishop

I’m passionate about establishing strong customer relationships. To me it doesn’t matter if the customer is a big contractor with a dozen tractors or the owner of a small lifestyle block with a dozen cattle. They all get the same level of attention and effort.

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Sarah smiling standing in front of 9900 self-propelled forage harvester

Sarah Lewis

You could get a customer that you don’t know with a piece of machinery you’ve never seen, but you treat the situation the same as you would playing finals. The key is doing the best you can in the moment.

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Megan smiling while leaning on a 6175M Deere tractor

Megan Tree

The training and technology that came with the role make it not so daunting. I really enjoy being parts manager and I still have room to grow and gain more knowledge. I think it’s about being a help to industry, just getting people going and keeping them going.

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Max standing in front of 644 P-Tier Mid-Size Wheel Loader

Max O’Brien

I try to build a relationship with customers by listening carefully to find out exactly what they need, and that applies whether they’re a small owner-operator business running one machine or a large-scale contracting venture with an expanding fleet.

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Adam smiling with arms crossed while leaning Deere lawn tractor

Adam Kent

There’s a great mix of fundamental mechanics and emerging computer technology, so you still have to figure it out, you can’t just rely on the computer to tell you what’s wrong.

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Logan smiling in front of Deere tractor with front loader

Logan Robertson

I’ve been able to demonstrate to customers how tools like JDLink™ can not only improve their businesses but also help me provide faster backup support, so that we maximise machinery uptime during the critical peak times.

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Mitch smiling and leaning on Deere tractor

Mitchell Channer

The best thing about this job is it's always different. We never work on the same machine every day, and you never feel like you know everything. You get more knowledgeable but then there'll be something that'll stump you and you can learn more from.

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