Troy McMahon

Troy smiling while leaning on a barrel inside a warehouse

Meet Troy McMahon

As he shares what it means to be the 2021 Australian Parts Technician of the Year Winner.

An intuitive knowledge of construction and forestry equipment has propelled RDO Launceston Parts Interpreter, Troy McMahon, to the title of 2021 Australian John Deere Parts Technician of the Year.

"Winning Australian John Deere Parts Technician of the Year meant a great deal to me, it took quite a while for the news to sink in," Mr McMahon said.

"It means everything to me as I have been recognised for my work, which I am passionate about."

Mr McMahon began his career in the machinery service industry in 2007, initially starting in the transport sector, before joining John Deere Dealership, RDO, two years ago to work in the construction and forestry industries.

On a regular day, his work involves overseeing and coordinating the flow of parts into the dealership and ensuring customers have rapid access to all the equipment they need, whether it is the parts to complete regular maintenance and service programs, or urgent requirements to maximise machinery up-time.

"Customers will call, or drop into the branch, and let us know their machine details and the parts they need," Mr McMahon said.

"From there, I can create a quote and organise the fastest delivery for them. Through my job, I have got to know our customers and learnt about their businesses, and I understand how essential swift access to parts is for their operations.

"Knowing that I have helped a customer avoid downtime on their equipment is extremely rewarding, as it means their business can work at full capacity all year round."