Safety Tips & Guides

You operate the best equipment. Get the knowledge to use it safely and to the fullest. Safety doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes simple steps can make a big difference. Wear your seat belt, don't operate machinery when kids are nearby, and get to know your operator's manual.

Keeping Kids Safe

Do not give children rides on equipment; they can fall off and be seriously injured or killed.

Mowers and tractors aren't for kids. Take care of your land and your child by keeping kids away from equipment. Keep kids inside and under a watchful eye when equipment is being used. Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the presence of children, especially when a child approaches a machine from behind.

Never allow children or an untrained person to operate the machine. Instruct all operators not to give children a ride on the machine or in an attachment; they can fall off and be seriously injured. Do not allow children to ride as a passenger in Gator utility vehicles. Children may not be able to sit safely in the passenger seat and use handholds properly.

Remember, children like to imitate their parents. For your own safety's sake, as well as the good example you set, make sure safety starts in your own backyard first.

Safety Resources

Roadway safety

Roadway Safety

Aware. Alert. Alive. To avoid accidents on the roadway, be aware of traffic around you, especially when turning.

Can Other Drivers See You Coming?

When you transport equipment, it's essential that other drivers see you coming and going. It's even more crucial during inclement weather, since visibility can become reduced at a moment's notice.

Think about it. If others can't see you, how will they be able to accommodate your larger size and lower speed?
Be safe by updating all your equipment with proper lighting and SMV signs. Stop by your John Deere dealer's parts department today.

Transporting a Towed Implement

Before transporting a towed implement, determine from signs on the implement or information provided in the implement's operator manual the maximum implement transport speed. Never transport at speeds that exceed the implement's maximum transport speed, or the local speed limits which may be lower. Exceeding the implement's maximum transport speed can result in:

  • Loss of control of the tractor/implement combination
  • Reduced or no ability to stop during braking
  • Implement tyre failure
  • Damage to the implement structure or its components

Use additional caution and reduce speed when towing under adverse surface conditions, when turning, and when on slopes.

Gator Utility Vehicle Safety

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Find safety data sheets for products sold through John Deere dealers.

Recall Information

We strive to ensure that John Deere products are of exceptional quality. In the event that there is a recall on a John Deere product, we make every effort to get that important information to you as quickly as possible.