9R, 9RT, and 9RX Versatility & Capability

9 series tractor in the field

Versatility & Capability

Some days you need all the power along with superior agility. And no longer will that cause a headache, as 9 Series tractors are built to handle larger implements. With the optional category 5 drawbar, a powerful rear hitch and the ability to deliver high flowrates at lower rpms for a quieter ride, your most challenging jobs will become your favourites.

9 series 3pt hitch

Rear 3-Point Hitch-Lift Capacity

Handle some of the largest mounted implements in the industry, including large planters and air-seeding rigs. Most 9RX models can be equipped with a rear hitch to handle up to 9,071.8 kg (20,000 lbs.).

Category 5 Drawbar

Category 5 Drawbar

Get added load-bearing strength to handle large-capacity and extra-wide implements with an optional Category 5 drawbar and 6.8 cm (2.75 inch) hitch pin with heavy-duty drawbar support and 5,443 kg (12,000 lbs.) tongue weight capacity. Ideal for grain carts and slurry wagons.

Hydraulic capacity

Hydraulic capacity

Larger implements require greater capacity, we offer a high-flow hydraulic system with two pumps delivering 435 L/min. (115 gpm), and up to eight rear SCVs. The pump delivers high flowrates at lower rpms to give you the ability to run at reduced engine speed, which lowers fluid consumption and allows for a quieter ride.

Electrohydraulic SCVs

Electrohydraulic SCVs

Choose up to eight rear electrohydraulic SCVs with adjustable flowrates, timed detents and breakaway couplers to meet your needs. Precise control of the SCV hydraulic flow lets you fine-tune flowrates for any application. SCVs are conveniently controlled through the CommandARM™ Console.

ActiveCommand™ Steering

ActiveCommand™ Steering

Customise steering performance in the field or on the road, including steering sensitivity and resistance. Plus, you can toggle right from the CommandCenter™ Display. Available on all 9R and 9RX Tractors.

Tyre, Tread, and Track Options

9 series Tyre Options

Tyre and Tread Options

9R Tractors come with your choice of Group 47 or 48 tyres, and tread spacing options of 1.78 to 4.08 m (70.2 to 160.5 inches).

9RT track width options

Track and Tread Options

9RT Tractors come with 2.69 m (106 inch) tread spacing, and your choice of 76.2 or 91.4 cm (30- or 36-inch) track widths. 9RX Tractors come with tread spacing options of 2, 2.2, and 3 m (80, 88, and 120 inches), plus track width options of 45.7, 60.9, 76.2, and 91.4 cm (18, 24, 30, and 36 inches). (Options vary based on tractor kilowatts.)