8R, 8RT, and 8RX Intelligence and Productivity

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Intelligence and Productivity

Integrated precision ag technology comes standard to help you connect your machines and make data-driven decisions that improve yields and increase productivity.

Integrated StarFire™ Receiver

Integrated StarFire™ 7500 Receiver with SF-RTK

The integrated StarFire 7500 — with SF-RTK — delivers next-generation performance and dependability. A multi-constellation satellite signal reduces time needed to achieve full signal accuracy. Season-to-season repeatability minimizes guidance line, coverage, and boundary drift year after year. Up to 73% faster pull-in times, compared to previous models.

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Rear Implement Ethernet

Be prepared to enable high-speed data flow between the tractor and implement, once implement ethernet becomes available on planters and other implements. This will allow you to see more of your implement data in better quality than ever before.

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation

Sit back, relax, and operate hands-free with AutoTrac™ Turn Automation. Tractor and implement controls are completely automated at every headland turn, and the tractor steers itself, for complete convenience and quality field work. Ask your dealer for a demo.

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G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display

The brighter, crisper displays and added processing power of the G5Plus make applications you already use run even better. Like AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, which lets you execute end rows easily and have a stress-free day in the cab. AutoPath™ puts your secondary pass guidance lines where you want them, so you don't have to count rows or harvest a row of shame. With the new G5Plus Display, you'll get 35% more screen space to add additional maps and widgets, 3x faster processing for quicker boot times and clear 1080p HD resolution. It's all easier with the G5Plus.



With free JDLink™ connectivity, you can stream machine and agronomic data from your tractor to your John Deere Operations Center™ account. And you'll be connected directly to your John Deere dealer who can, with your permission, provide remote diagnostics and proactive support. All with no subscriptions, no service fees, and no end or renewal dates.

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Wireless Data Transfer

Easily share data with trusted advisors to turn your information into a plan. Send files wirelessly to your operators in the field, and once they’re done, all the information is sent back to your John Deere Operations Center account to review.

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John Deere Operations Center

Access field, crop and machine information anywhere, anytime, on your desktop computer or mobile device through John Deere Operations Center. Plus, with more than 140 connected software tools, including Harvest Profit and other major farm management systems used by agronomists, you can make the most out of your data.