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Introducing the 9RX Narrow Track Tractors

Meet The New Power Of Choice

Just what you need to handle higher-speed planters, nutrient application bars, and larger grain carts. Ideal for 56, 76 and 102 cm (22-, 30- and 40-in.) row crops.

9RX Track Tractors

Announcing the new 3038E Tractor and 300E Loader

Do more. Spend less

The 3038E has been restyled and redesigned for MY18. Available in a ROPS configuration that utilises a 300E loader, which is an updated version of the D160 loader offered today, but with an improved anti-spill kit for Australia and New Zealand. The 3038E will continue to meet the requirements of the value-conscious customer, by providing an affordable, durable and rugged machine with no frills.

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The all-new 2025R Tractor with 120R Loader

The Perfect Package

Change your ‘to-do’ list to done with the perfect property owner package. The new 2025R Tractor lets you get more done in a day thanks to unmatched performance features, while enjoying new creature comforts. Find even greater productivity when you add on the new 120R Loader.

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Introducing the industry-exclusive Plus2 Accumulator

3x The Bales
2x The Benefits
1 Machine

Easily put, there’s nothing like it. The Plus2 Accumulators deliver unmatched manoeuvrability and incredible time and cost savings. Strategically place up to three bales at a time in straight rows or on hilly conditions so when it comes time to retrieve, you pick up faster with less damage to your field, saving up to $1/bale in fuel and labour costs. Compatible with John Deere 7, 8, 9 and 0 Series Round Balers only begs the question – why would you go without it?

Available to order November 2017.

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Introducing the all-new 0 Series Round Balers

This Lineup Will Blow Your Mind

It’s hard to pick which feature of the new 0 Series Round Balers to mention first. Maybe it’s the MegaWide™ HC2 with its industry-first 1.5 m (5 ft.) Precutter that potentially eliminates the need for tub grinders, delivers more nutrient-rich feed that won’t go to waste and cuts mixing times up to 58%. And with a high-capacity feed system delivering a 155% increase in tonnage per hour (compared to competitive models), you’ll see a boom in productivity. Or if serviceability and uptime are concerns, you’ll appreciate the centralised grease banks and self-cleaning drop floor. Regardless of what feature matters most, you now have zero reasons to use any other baler.

Available to order November 2017.

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Introducing the all-new One Series Large Square Balers

Get More Out of Every Field and Every Day

Designed, engineered, and manufactured by John Deere in North America, the new One Series Balers produce 3x3 or 3x4 bales. They feature the widest feed system in the industry, the most accurate moisture sensor across the full range of moisture levels, and the unparalleled convenience of the BalerAssist™ drivetrain system. The One Series Balers are built for more: more capacity, more efficiency, and more accuracy.

Available to order November 2017

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The all-new, all season, 3-passenger, full-size Gator™ XUV835 and 865 E, M, and R Utility Vehicles

Being in the middle seat has never been so cool. Or warm.

This new series of Gator XUV seats three across. R models feature our enclosed cab which is a new standard of excellence. The R cab includes heating and air conditioning with over 56 L of internal storage. The 40 kW (54 hp) petrol models offer plenty of torque with a top speed of over 72 km/h. Diesel models also available. Go anywhere, in any season. Go Gator™.

Go up against Mother Nature