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The John Deere Graduate Program offers successful candidates an opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of what it takes to help Australian and New Zealand agricultural producers address the many challenges in providing food, fibre, and fuel to a rapidly growing global population. Read about some of their unique experiences with the program, in their own words below.

Stephanie Wehl - Bachelor of Commerce, Finance & International Business (2015)

Product Manager - Service Parts

Stephanie Wehl

“The John Deere graduate program offers a variety of opportunities to participate in and lead projects relevant to the business’s needs. During my time in the graduate program, I was able to work in a number of departments, participate in the “Innovation Generation” conference in Canberra and co-lead an initiative to increase employee engagement with the industries John Deere supports.

These opportunities have given me a fantastic foundation for my career with John Deere and I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.”

Lachlan Margetts - Bachelor of Agribusiness (2014)

Government & National Sales Territory Manager

Lachlan Margetts

"The John Deere graduate program has provided a thorough understanding and allowed me to explore the many different facets of the business. The flexibility in the program has helped to further my interest in particular areas within the company and has been a continual learning experience.

While in the graduate program, I have been fortunate to travel to various regions within Australia to talk with John Deere dealers and our customers. These opportunities have helped my professional development and extended my skills which will equip me as I continue through my professional career.

I encourage anyone with an interest in agriculture and working for a global company to pursue a career with John Deere.”

Steven Brown - Bachelor of Business (2012)

IT Analyst

Steven Brown

"Since starting at John Deere, I have been given the opportunity to work on a number of marketing and sales projects. Being given the responsibility of these projects and seeing the end results and their impact on the business has been extremely rewarding.  The agriculture industry continues to evolve as new technologies are created and John Deere is at the top of the game with their high quality product offerings. Being able to work directly with these products and with a company that continues to be named as one of the most ethical companies in the world gives me a feeling of great pride and I know that I will have a long and fulfilled career here. I look forward to the rest of the opportunities and challenges that the graduate program and any future roles at John Deere have to offer."

Lance Dickeson - Bachelor of Business Information Systems (2011)

Solution Specialist

Lance Dickeson

"Since starting the graduate program I've been exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experience in different departments within John Deere. Being part of such a large global company has many benefits with opportunities for travel and to broaden my horizons. Coming from a rice farm in Victoria and working as a contract harvester across Australia and overseas, I wanted to apply my Business / IT degree to a company that would use my whole background of knowledge and experiences. The John Deere undergraduate program is the perfect way to do this."

Chris Brock - Bachelor of Engineering - Automotive (2011)

Territory Customer Support Manager

Chris Brock

"The John Deere Graduate program provides an excellent introduction to the company. The program has allowed me to work with different managers on separate projects; this really helps to increase my knowledge of the products we offer and also develop my career. John Deere provides an outstanding working environment with help and support readily available. Since entering the graduate program I have had the chance to travel to almost every state of Australia and also New Zealand. The future job opportunities are exceptional and I look forward to furthering my career with the company."

Hannah Pickles - Bachelor of Rural Business (2009)

Territory Account Manager

Hannah Pickles

"The quality of the graduate program offered by John Deere is nothing but first class. Having recently completed a year in the program jam packed with diverse experiences from a variety of departments such as marketing and logistics I feel that I am well placed to further build my career within the company. The program consistently offered new challenges and opportunities for my development and helped to build both my knowledge and passion for agriculture, business and rural Australia. Highlights of the program have included the opportunity to travel through most of Australia on dealer visits and contributing to projects that count towards the performance of the company. I am looking forward to continuing a long and prosperous career within John Deere."

Charles Reynolds - Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce (2009)

Solutions Specialist

Charles Reynolds

"During my time in the graduate program I have had the opportunity to work in several departments in the company which has given me great insight into different aspects of the business. I have also been able to travel throughout Australia and New Zealand meeting dealers and customers. The graduate program has given me a great base to start building my career and I am looking forward to future possibilities with the company."

Emma Ford - Bachelor of Commerce (2006)

Division Dealer Development Manager

Emma Ford"Since joining the company as a graduate I have worked in various departments which has given me a great foundation for my career at John Deere going forward. There is significant opportunity to partake in different projects and initiatives to make a positive impact on the business."