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Working With Us

Thank you for your interest in John Deere. If you would like to submit a request for support, please consider the following:

Our focus

We focus our philanthropic efforts in these areas:

  • Education – accredited colleges and universities, and organisations particularly those involved in agricultural related learning
  • Community Betterment – community development, human services, arts and culture
  • Solutions for World Hunger – agricultural development that results in sustainable food supplies and economic growth in underdeveloped countries

AU & NZ philanthropy

Our efforts are focused with local community organisations in developing and improving resources and facilities. This can be in partnership with our independently owned and run John Deere dealerships.

International philanthropy

John Deere operations in other areas of the world are engaged in philanthropic efforts within their countries. Their efforts reflect enterprise intent as well as the cultural distinctions unique to specific geographic regions.

  • John Deere US
  • John Deere Canada
  • European Good Will Fund
  • John Deere India
  • John Deere Brazil