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Marine Batteries

Marine Batteries

Work hard, play hard

John Deere marine batteries are available for deep-cycle applications and feature extra-thick lead grids designed for deep discharge and cycling. Their twin stainless steel terminals connect quickly, allow multiple attachments, and resist corrosion.


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StrongBox Batteries
  • Wet-charged and read to go for your convenience!
  • Through-the-wall, welded intercell connectors are 12-percent larger than some brands to provide increased power for quick starts in extreme cold
  • Super radial grid design with inboard lug provides higher cranking amps, faster charges, and a more efficient design for lowering electrical resistance
  • Extra-heavy plates give extra reserve power, especially in extreme cold
  • Microporous plastic envelope separators eliminate electrical shorts and keep positive material from touching the negative plate
  • Epoxy-anchored plates are four times stronger than traditional plates - to reduce vibration damage - a leading cause of failure in commercial batteries
  • Backed by the John Deere warranty