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Combine Parts

You demand the highest level of performance from your John Deere combine. So don’t settle for anything less. Use only John Deere replacement parts — designed by John Deere engineers specifically for John Deere equipment.


Regular maintenance of your combine is the secret to long-term success, but it’s easy to try and cut corners when profit is under pressure. On the face of it, many non John Deere parts look the same as genuine parts, but it is the small details that count.


In the following section whatever part you choose – straw chopper knives, belts, auger fingers and more, the difference between look-alike and genuine parts soon becomes clear. Our combine parts are built to the highest specification and will give your combine the best possible reliability, cutting quality and performance. It’s what we call the Genuine Advantage. But you don’t have to take our word for it, look at any of the parts and see the difference for yourself.

Knife Sections

Knife Sections

Clean cut stems minimise grain loss and this is especially important when you are harvesting over-ripe cereals.

Learn More about Knife Sections
Auger Fingers

Auger Fingers

Auger fingers play a critical role. They ensure a smooth feeding of material into the feeder house and due to their hardened surface they last longer even in toughest conditions with green straw or high yields.

Learn More about Auger Fingers
Auger Finger Bearings

Auger Finger Bearings

Genuine John Deere auger finger bearings feature a specific material hardness. Under the exact same test conditions the genuine John Deere auger finger bearings successfully withstand test loads, where look-alikes cannot.

Learn More about Auger Finger Bearings
Rasp Bars

Rasp Bars

The rasp bar is the heart of your combine. It is responsible for the threshing operation, separating the grain from the rest of the plant. Don't compromise on quality - see the Genuine Advantage for yourself.

Learn More about Rasp Bars
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