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Cotton Picker Parts

The importance of replacing worn components on cotton pickers cannot be overemphasised. Worn components will result in poor picker performance, lower yields and reduced profits. John Deere is the leader in innovation and technology, with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of cotton pickers and cotton picker parts.
John Deere SpindlesSpindles
The heart of a John Deere Cotton Picker is the hardened spindles, with sharp barbs rotating at high speed and synchronised with harvesting speed. This highly technical machine requires the use of the most efficient, high quality, precision manufactured spindles available today - the John Deere family of spindles. There are two types of spindles available, Conventional Spindles and John Deere PRO-XL Spindles.

Conventional Spindles
  • Provide unmatchable quality, precision and performance.
  • Blanks are cold forged and made from high-quality steel selected for its inner toughness.
  • Spindle blanks are machined into their final form through six individual cutting operations.
  • The current design is the result of years of research.
  • The ultimate in picking and doffing operation.
  • They are heat-treated which promotes long wear life.
  • Designed to break, not bend, under heavy impact. This minimises damage to picking units' components.
  • Chrome plating increases the spindle life and provides an easy-to-clean and stain-resistant surface.
  • Applied closer to tip than competitors' which provides easier cleaning.
  • Strict quality-control inspections at each step of manufacturing ensures spindles remain within John Deere's exacting standards at all times.
  • Barrel ground to precise tolerance, ensures fit and extends bearing life.

John Deere PRO-XL Spindles
PRO-XL Spindles are specifically designed for use in John Deere's PRO-SERIES Cotton Pickers, but can also be installed in any picker that uses the mini spindle. PRO-XL Spindles have all the same features as our Conventional Spindles, plus the following:
  • Specifically designed for John Deere's PRO-SERIES Cotton Pickers, but are also adaptable to older pickers.
  • Provides superior performance and lasts up to 50 percent longer than Conventional Spindles.
  • Designed to operate in harsh picking conditions.
  • John Deere's exclusive chrome-nickel plating process increases the spindle's wear life, reducing customer maintenance costs. It also places more chrome on the barbs, where it's needed most.
  • Precision-cut barbs are angled at 55 degrees. This ensures clean, aggressive picking and easy doffing.
  • Gears are precision cut to provide the correct amount of backlash which ensures lower operating temperatures and longer gear life.
Available in two styles:
  • Black rubber doffers provide excellent doffing in typical conditions.
  • Urethane doffers wear longer, provide cleaner picking and reduce doffer column adjustment.
  • Precision-blanked disks are balanced and concentric. This provides excellent balance for a smooth, clean operation at high speeds.
  • Oil resistant: resistant to softening.
  • Tear resistant: can stand up to sticks, stones and other debris.
  • Precision engineered: reduces the need for grinding or shimming.
Moistener PadsMoistener Pads
The entire moistener system serves two functions: to keep the spindles clean and to keep them slick for efficient doffing. There is no other system on the machine that is more ignored than the moistener system. All too often, a problem with the moistener system that results in wrapped spindles and chunked doffers is blamed on the doffers themselves.

John Deere patented "X" pattern design for moisture flow:
  • Contains 18 holes compared to competition's 10.
  • Ensures proper solution distribution on spindles.
  • Allows pad to be rotated 90 degrees.
  • Ensures maximum efficiency in all conditions.

Available in two styles:
  • Urethane offers flexibility and greater life.
  • Precision manufactured with clean holes and full, thick fins which allows efficient, even flow of spindle cleaner onto spindle.
  • Designed for snug pad-to-holder fit. This restricts trash penetration and minimises pad plugging.
  • Thermoplastic (black) offers flexibility and excellent wear life.
  • Its optimum lip design provides easy installation and has excellent retention once installed.