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Round Module Wrap

Cotton Round Module WrapThe 7760 Cotton Picker extends John Deere’s lead in cotton harvesting technology. The revolutionary cotton picker simplifies the system, improves productivity through non-stop harvest and provides greater value to producers and ginners. The 7760 Cotton Picker has an on-board module builder which forms cotton into a round module and wraps it automatically in Round Module Wrap. This provides superior weather protection and transportation flexibility.


  • Specifically for the John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker to assure reliable automatic packaging, for non-stop harvest.
  • To maintain the quality of cotton in round modules that are exposed to extreme conditions.
  • To withstand tearing stress caused by field condition and the range of mechanical transportation equipment.
  • Each roll has 4 RFID tags, which can store numerous types of data relating to your cotton crop, when used in conjunction with John Deere AMS applications. Speak to your local John Deere dealer to learn about the benefits of AMS.
  • Round Module Wrap is UV protected.
  • Wrap goes over the edge of the round cotton module to minimise cotton waste and exposure to rainfall.
  • The leading edge and the tail of the wrap portion are tapered to ensure proper feeding and maximise the durability of the tail in windy conditions.
  • Each wrap portion is pre-cut to eliminate the danger of plastic fragments.
  • The unique Z-Lock System secures the tail of the wrap portion in tough conditions and assures the next wrap portion is ready to be fed properly.
Customer Requirements Calculator
To take the guess-work out of determining how much Round Module Wrap, Spindle Grease and Spindle Cleaner is needed for picking, John Deere have created a Customer Requirements Calculator. This handy, time saving tool will calculate how much of each product you will require when it comes time to pick your cotton. You can then place an order at your local John Deere cotton dealer with confidence that you are getting the necessary amounts of Round Module Wrap, Spindle Grease and Spindle Cleaner.
Storage and Handling
While the Round Module Wrap is UV protected and water resistant, it must be stored in an enclosed structure where it can avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture. This will ensure that the wrap is at its maximum durability while it contains your valuable crop of cotton. The Round Module Wrap can also be damaged by improper handling. Please see your local John Deere cotton dealer or read the Storage and Handling document in the Resources section of this page, for handling recommendations.
Recycling Information
Round Module Wrap consists mostly of linear low-density polyethylene, which is a fully recyclable material. The Round Module Wraps are compressed at the cotton gin and can then be sold to recyclers in the area.


Customer Requirements Calculator

Handy, time saving product requirement calculator

Check out the Customer Requirements Calculator

Storage and Handling

Best practice for storage and handling for Cotton Round Module Wrap

Check out the Storage and Handling

Recycling Information

Round Module Wrap is a recyclable material. Use these details for your recyclers.

Check out the Recycled Material Description