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Spindle Grease and Spindle Cleaner

John Deere Spindle Grease and Spindle Cleaner are not your regular off-the-shelf products. They have been specifically designed for high-speed spindles in John Deere cotton pickers and thoroughly tested and proven for Australian conditions. These quality made products will provide the best value for your investment.

John Deere Spindle GreaseJohn Deere Spindle Grease

John Deere Spindle Grease is lithium soap-based and can be used in all makes of cotton pickers. It is specially formulated with highly refined base-lubricating oils and unique anti-wear additives to prevent abrasion and extend the service life of high-wear parts. There's a tremendous amount of metal-to-metal contact in a picker head. Using John Deere Spindle Grease helps ensure maximum performance by reducing wear on these metal surfaces. It also helps to keep your equipment running efficiently, even under the harshest operating conditions.


Superior Formula

All spindle greases do not provide the same level of performance. That's why we developed our own. Here's what makes the John Deere formula outperform other brands:

  • High-grade, anti-wear additives and rust inhibitors protect the spindles and picking unit components, extending the service life of all parts.
  • Lithium soap holds oil in suspension better than other types of greases. Bentonite clay greases, for example, can form deposits or "caking" in the picker bars, preventing the grease from lubricating the picking assembly.
  • Proper base lubricating oil ensures excellent performance and lubrication in extremely hot operating temperatures. It will not thin out like other brands. If base oil viscosity is too low, it can reduce bearing life. If it is too high, a cotton picker will be forced to use more horsepower at lower temperatures.
  • John Deere Spindle Grease is an all-in-one lubricating grease, gear lubricant, penetrating oil and corrosion protector.

  • Special semi-fluid, lithium soap-based grease developed by John Deere for use in John Deere and other mechanical cotton pickers.
  • Formulated with highly refined base lubricating oils, which are blended and milled into a lithium soap-based grease, along with special additives to enhance lubrication performance.
  • Flows freely, but has sufficient body to resist excessive leakage from spindle bearings.
  • Prevents dirt, water and other contaminants from entering bearings and other parts being lubricated.
  • Performs well over a wide range of temperature conditions, resulting in low, cold-weather-starting torque, yet does not thin down and leak out at higher operating temperatures.
  • Special additives are incorporated - reduces wear and provides rust protection to equipment while the machine is standing idle during the off-season.
  • Continued and exclusive use provides extended equipment life and reduces downtime for maintenance.
  • Meets JDN 360T specifications.

John Deere Spindle CleanerJohn Deere Spindle Cleaner

The quality of spindle cleaner you use is critical to increasing your harvesting performance and reducing your operating and maintenance costs. That's why we developed our own superior grease-compatible spindle cleaner.


Superior Formula

John Deere Spindle Cleaner does much more than soap and water.

  • Specially formulated, water-in-oil emulsion is compatible with lubricating spindle grease.
  • Won't wash grease off the bushings like soap and water.
  • Water-soluble oil mix easily clears cotton and sticky plant sap off the spindles and moving parts, even when mixed with extremely hard water.
  • Lubricates and coats the spindles and maximises spindle doffing.
  • Extends service life of doffers and moisture pads.

Why soap and water isn't enough
Using dishwashing soap instead of a quality spindle cleaner doesn't protect your picker's mechanical parts from rust, oxidation and corrosion.

Even worse, dishwashing soap actually washes away the lubricating spindle grease from the bushings and attachments, leaving them unprotected. John Deere Spindle Cleaner is your best choice.

  • A superior spindle cleaner that removes and prevents the build-up of sap and dirt.
  • Reduces stains and wrapping.
  • Superior levels of anti-wear, inhibits rust, corrosion and provides oxidation protection.
  • Uniquely formulated, water-soluble product when mixed with water at a ratio of 20 to 1000 litres of water.
  • Moistens and cleans spindles effectively - even when working with extremely hard water.
  • No harmful effect on doffers and pads such as some other products might produce.
  • Applies easily through small nozzles, reducing consumption and allowing longer intervals between tank refills.
  • Meets JDN 354 specifications.

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