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Engine Overhaul and Piston/Liner Kit Warranty

John Deere will replace any parts contained in a new John Deere Engine Overhaul or Piston/Liner Kit that are defective in material or workmanship if the defect appears within the first 12 months or 1,500 hours of operations, whichever occurs first, after the date of purchase. Performance of this warranty will be free of charge for parts. In addition, John Deere will pay reasonably related replacement labor expenses if, but only if, (1) the defective Overhaul Kit or Piston/Liner Kit originally was installed by an authorized John Deere dealer, and, (2) the replacement part is installed by an authorized John Deere dealer.

This Warranty Applies Only
This warranty applies only to purchases from authorized John Deere dealers and extends only to the original retail purchaser of the kit.

This Warranty Does Not Cover:
  • Premiums charged for overtime labor requested by the purchaser
  • Transportation to and from the dealership or service calls made by the dealer.
  • Depreciation or damage caused by normal wear, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, misuse, or accident.

To Secure Warranty Service
To secure warranty service the original retail purchase must request, before expiration of the warranty period, warranty service from an authorized John Deere dealer. When making such a request, the purchaser must present documentary proof of purchase that includes the purchase date (bill of sale, for example) and make the vehicle available at the dealer's place of business.

No Implied Warranty or Other Representation
Where permitted by law, neither John Deere nor any company affiliated with it makes any warranties, representations, or promises as to the quality, performance, or freedom from defect of the products covered by this warranty. NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS IS MADE.

Purchaser's Remedies Are Limited
Where permitted by law, the purchaser's only remedies in connection with the breach of performance of any warranty on new John Deere Engine Overhaul Kits or Piston/Liner Kits are those set forth on this leaflet. In no event will the dealer, John Deere, or any company affiliated with John Deere be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including (but not limited to) loss of profits, rental of substitute equipment, or other commercial loss.

John Deere Does Not Authorize
John Deere does not authorize any person to make any representation or promise on its behalf, or to modify the terms or limitations of this warranty in any way.